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  • John Herrman
    Shitphone: A Love Story 

    Humans like things and tech to work. Buying Appy and Samsung, we miss the joys and wisdom of buying unknown brands. Bonus features include patience and mindfulness.

  • K. Thor Jensen, Jason Cohen
    11 Reasons to Stop Looking at Your Smartphone 

    With great power comes great responsibility. Scientists are starting to learn that spending time staring at our phones is actually doing damage to our physical, social, mental, and intellectual lives.

  • Donna Stevens
    Idiot Box 

    The series of photographs (shot while children watched TV) was an exploration into the co-dependent yet contradictory relationship we all share with technology and the media.

  • National Sleep Foundation
    Is My Teen's Sleep Normal? 

    Teenagers aged fourteen to seventeen should get eight to ten hours of sleep a night. Almost 80% of all teenagers don’t get as much sleep as they should and this is largely due to technology overuse.

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