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  • Eve Mayer
    My #DigitalDetox - Do You Need One? 

    After two best friends commit suicide after struggling with mental illness, so when a social media company owner sees depression developing, she decides to turn off for 72 hours.

  • Virginia Heffernan
    Breaking my phone addiction - via my phone 

    reSTART promotes a "sustainable digital lifestyle" to tech addicts in Washington. Mixing sports with time offline, it's no wonder why people come out as typical Pacific Northwesterners.

  • Felicia C. Sullivan
    Why I Deleted All My Social Media Accounts 

    If someone doesn't respond to a sad post doesn't mean they don't care. The complex algorithms behind everyone's feed favoring updates with more engagement are selective in what they show.

  • Markham Heid
    Why Reading Books Is Important for the Brain 

    Most people read user-generated content every day. Compared to reading a book, not nearly as many vital regions of the brain are engaged, including imagination or selective attention.

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  • Anna Akbari
    Why Your Smartphone Is Destroying Your Life 

    Since the evolution of smartphones, our brains' cognitive and memory capacities have plummeted. Set and adhere to rules to ensure the most powerful computers on the planet some growth each day.