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  • bestdressed

    Ashley packs her phone away for a week while sharing 5 rules she sets for herself. She spends her time filming her experience and...thinking!

  • Hannah Witton
    My Week Without A Phone 

    Hannah Witton, author of Doing It: Let's Talk About Sex..., spends her entire life online. One day as she leaves for vacation, turns her phone off and doesn't use it for over a week on a Greek island.

  • Sky Life
    Living In A PHONE-FREE COMMUNITY For A Weekend! 

    Sky documents doing a weekend-long digital-detox at with 50 other phone-free people in Ojai, California. What was the weekend like for smartphone-addicted Millenials?

  • Jason Reitman
    Men, Women & Children 

    A full-length film about the effects of technology on teenagers from their perspective.

    Take Back Control 

    BOLDFISH acts as a buffer between humans and digital addiction, preventing social media sites from running.

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  • Liza Kindred
    Mindful Technology with Liza Kindred 

    User Defenders is a podcast by Mindful Technology creator, Liza Kindred. A meditation teacher and creator of worn technologies, Liza questions if the tech serves us, or vice versa.