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Doro 8050


This result is the Head SAR value, over 10g

More details about this phone:

Head SAR value over 1g:

Body SAR value over 10g: 1.25

Body SAR value over 1g:

Source of SAR value

Interesting fact

Doro 8050 SAR value is 7.43 times higher than this of a phone with one of the safest SAR values in the world - Mudita Pure (0.07 W/kg)

RF radiation causes deep heating

that can penetrate the tissues and reach the organs. While making long calls with this phone, the temperature of the head area you hold the phone close to is likely to go up. As research shows, repetitive increase in the body temperature may cause multiple adverse health effects.

Did you know?

Separation is recommended

Separation is recommended

Phones manufacturers specify minimum separation which defines a distance from body a phone should be used at. You can find this information in your phone's manual and settings.

Distance from the body impacts SAR

Distance from the body impacts SAR

Most mobile phones are not tested directly against the head because most of them would fail the SAR test as the radiation absorption increases dramatically when the device is close to the body.

Mudita Pure's SAR value is always low

Mudita Pure's SAR value is always low

SAR value of Mudita Pure is measured by placing the phone at the direct contact with the phantom's head - and still it's SAR value is one of the lowest of all phones.