Nick Lewis

Halfway To The Beginning

Nick Lewis is our dear friend and a great artist. He’s a composer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born in Canada. Mudita first met Nick in Peru and supported him in recording and releasing his first album “Halfway To The Beginning”.

Music with an intention to make you feel better and worry less.

These songs are for remembering our inherent goodness. They are about the cycles of our lives and make a humble suggestion that everything is going to be okay - and that it already is. They have an intention to make you feel better, and have a hope that if you need it - you may find a note that inspires you to worry less and to love more. And I do this because I too - could use the reminder.

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If you are interested in Nick’s music, check out his website. Mudita produced his debut album which is available for online purchase.

This life we tightly hold and all the things we bought and sold to keep us locked inside. Yes, locked in our minds, way down deep inside.A FRAGMENT OF NICK’S SONG "ALWAYS WITH YOU” THAT REFLECTS MUDITA’S PRINCIPLES

A collection of acoustic ringtones for our devices.

In an analog studio in the Polish mountains of Bieszczady Nick recorded ringtones for our devices using a variety of instruments including: guitar, ukulele, guitalele, tibetan bowls, koshi bells, cymbals, harp and more. He gave our products pleasant, unique and beautiful sounds, which makes them even more special.

You can also listen to and purchase his debut album on Bandcamp.

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