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Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Mudita Pure.

  • Can Mudita Pure connect to WiFi or Bluetooth?

    No, Mudita Pure cannot connect to WiFi but you can connect your phone to a laptop by tethering with a cable so you can use it as an external GSM modem. Mudita Pure will have Bluetooth 4.2, you can connect wireless headphones, a speaker or connect to listen to music while you’re driving.

  • Can I send text messages using Mudita Pure? What about MMS? Are text messages presented in a threaded view? Group messages?

    Yes, it is possible to send and receive text messages using Mudita Pure. It is not possible to send or receive video or image messages (MMS) for now. MMS support is currently not available, but we will add it to the wishlist. Our system will get updates, we will be able to introduce more features than those available on Kickstarter. Text messages are presented in a threaded view! There will be no group messaging capabilities.

  • Is there a frontlight? Can I use Mudita Pure in both the day and night?

    Yes. the E Ink screen will have a frontlight. Mudita Pure has uniform screen lighting using a frontlight that makes the screen visible in direct sunlight and in the dark, with reduced blue light emission.

  • Is Mudita Pure waterproof or shockproof? Can I remove the battery?

    Mudita Pure is dust-protected and splash-proof (IP 54). Yes, it will be possible to remove the battery.

  • Is there a way to store phone numbers? Contact segregation? How can I import and export contacts?

    Yes, Mudita Pure has a contact list (phone book) where you can store phone numbers. It will be possible to separate contacts by ‘favourites’ or ‘blocked’. There are two options, using Bluetooth 4.2 or you can export contacts from your current device to vCard or CSV format. Connect your Mudita Pure with the cable and use a desktop app for easy contacts transfer.

  • Do you have to be within a certain range of your smartphone to use Mudita Pure? What number are outgoing calls made with?

    No, you can leave your smartphone at home and use Mudita Pure if you’d like. It works as a stand alone phone. The number associated with any outgoing calls you make will be from your number, the one associated with the SIM card you’re using, from your carrier.

  • Can I use Mudita Pure internationally? Will it have maps or GPS?

    Mudita Pure has a unique GSM module that supports different standards (2G, 3G and 4G/LTE). That’s why it works in most countries and you don’t have to buy a separate device for each area. Thanks to this you can use the services provided by the majority carriers around the world! Most feature phone modems support limited bandwidths dedicated to specific geographical areas. We implemented two nano SIM card slots to enable switching between cards on the go. This allows you to use local SIM cards when abroad, while your home country SIM card stays securely in the phone instead of somewhere in your wallet (and it can be activated anytime you need it).

    Mudita Pure does not and will not support GPS, therefore no maps will be available.

  • Does Mudita Pure ring when it receives incoming calls? What ringtones does Mudita Pure have?

    Yes, Mudita Pure will ring unless you set Mudita Pure to ‘do not disturb’ mode. We’re happy to share that we asked our friend, musician Nick Lewis, to compose and record special, gentle and pleasant sounds. He used a variety of instruments including: Guitar, Ukulele, Gitalele, Tibetan Bowls, Koshi Bells, Cymbals, Harp and more. The high quality sounds of these instruments will wake up you in a calm way, which is why a Harman speaker was so essential.

  • Will it have the ability to stream any music apps even though it's just a basic phone? Can I listen to music using Mudita Pure?

    You won’t be able to use Mudita Pure to browse the internet, so streaming is not possible. However, we simply could not live without a good music player, it will support MP3, FLAC and WAV formats. We will also have a dedicated desktop application for transferring your music. Mudita Pure will have a music player.

  • Is Mudita Pure certified? Why should I pay so much for a phone?

    Pure will have the following certifications: UL, FCC, CE, PTCRB and GCF. An important thing to bear in mind is that we’re aiming to deliver the best classic phone on the market. We think that people deserve to have an option to choose a high quality phone with their health and wellbeing in mind. High quality can and should be delivered in a conscious way, which is why Mudita Pure was entirely designed, developed and manufactured in the EU. Tailor-made by our team of engineers, who carefully selected each piece. It was built with durability in mind. They hand-picked every single component and have developed a proprietary operating system to ensure the best experience.

  • Which carriers will it be compatible with?

    Currently, our GSM modem has FCC, PTCRB, GCF certifications, which means it’s compatible with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.

  • What about missed calls on my Mudita Pure? Can people leave voice messages?

    You will be able to return any missed calls using Mudita Pure. It will be possible to leave a voice message

  • Will Mudita Pure have email? What about a camera? Is it possible to install WhatsApp, Instagram or other apps?

    We have decided not to equip Mudita Pure with email, if you need to check your email, it’s more convenient to use a laptop connected to the phone via tethering. We can confirm that there won’t be a camera. If you look on the positive side, this means that there is no temptation to take out your phone to take a picture, you can live completely in the present moment. No additional apps can be installed.

  • How are you ensuring that Mudita Pure will have the lowest radiation?

    While designing Mudita Pure we considered people dealing with EHS, so we have two antennas in one area of our phone, which switch depending on the range. For example, if 4G is lost somewhere, instead of boosting power through the modem, we change the frequency. If the frequency matching is better on the other antenna, the phone automatically switches the antenna. The solution is an active antenna.

    At the EMF Conference 2019, our phone was presented to international experts in the field of EMF, such as Dr. Devra Davis, Prof. Olle Johansson, Dr. Lisa Nagy, other doctors and medical practitioners, building biologists, radiation research companies, academics and people with EHS. We have their support and we intend to continue raising awareness and taking action with regards to EMF exposure.

  • How does shipping work?

    All of our Kickstarter rewards will be shipped directly from the place of production in Poland, in order to speed up the shipping process. If you’re based in Europe, your rewards will be delivered with an invoice from our HQ in Poland, for the rest of the world, your rewards will be shipped with an invoice from our American subsidiary, Mudita US.

  • Can I work for Mudita?

    We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. Drop us a line via if you think Mudita is the place for you.

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