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Mudita Pure - Disclaimer

First and foremost thank you for your interest in Mudita Pure!

Mudita Pure is our first phone and we are aware it’s not as perfect as we would like it to be.

We’ve spent extra time and effort to improve Mudita Pure as much as possible. The phone operating system is regularly updated to provide the best user experience. However, there are two areas which cannot be improved through the software updates:

1. SOME MOBILE NETWORKS IN USA WILL NOT ACCEPT PURE ON THEIR NETWORK. - One of the main goals of this product was to achieve the lowest SAR among the phones available globally, which we achieved, with Mudita Pure having a head SAR of  0.06 W/kg (over 10g/Cellular). In order to do that, we developed a custom antenna which operates on decreased power. As a result, the phone does not meet network requirements of some of the carriers in the US (AT&T, Verizon) and therefore, it will not work with some of the networks.

2. RECEPTION - Another consequence of our custom antenna is that range/reception can be 1 bar lower than in other phones on the market (according to our non-scientific tests). Because of the above, the reception inside buildings and in the areas with a typically very low range can be low and making calls may be difficult or impossible. If the area you are going to use the phone has very weak network coverage please do not buy Mudita Pure. 

There are also other things to consider choosing Mudita Pure:

3. THE EAR SPEAKER - Sound in the ear speaker has lower quality than in the modern smartphones. Speech is perfectly hearable and understandable but has more analog feel than in new smartphones. For the users who expect crisp and clear sound this may be insufficient. Mudita Pure went through a number of optimizations in cooperation with Wroclaw University of Science and at the moment it’s probably the best quality we are able to achieve.

4. Loudspeaker - our goal was to make the loudspeaker loud. That’s why we invited an expert company, Harman, to help us to achieve that. However, apparently the loudness of the loudspeaker is just average, probably on the level of most feature phones. 

5. Calendar - Initially we had more plans for Mudita Pure's calendar app. However, this needs extensive amounts of work, and according to our findings and analysis, not many users will take advantage of such a complicated tool on such a simple device. Therefore, we decided to focus on other areas, instead of building a calendar app. To sum up, the calendar will stay as a tool that allows you to check the date. There won’t be a possibility to add events and to synchronize them with your online calendar.

Other than the facts mentioned above, we are very happy with the progress we made with MuditaOS, which, as of now, isa more developed and stable system. Of course, we are still improving it, and we will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Therefore, every few months you can enjoy an improved version of the phone’s operating system. Despite the fact that Mudita Pure has slightly weaker network reception, we are also very happy with the unique, ultra low SAR we have achieved (probably the lowest in the world right now on the mobile phone market), which for may be very important for individuals who suffer from Electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Word of Advice Our genuine advice- if you’d like a phone with the lowest SAR in the w, and you accept that it has some limitations, as mentioned above - Mudita Pure is a good choice for you. However, if you are looking for a minimalist phone and those limitations are unacceptable - we encourage you to wait for the new Mudita Phones, which are currently under development. Please keep in mind, that the desire to have a device compatible with  all major carriers,it’s highly unlikely  we will be able to achieve such an extraordinarily low SAR level with our next devices.

Please note, by purchasing Mudita Pure, you are buying one of our first products, and therefore you are automatically entered into our Pioneer Programme, which give you perks and advantages about which we will be informing all the customers and newsletter subscribers soon. 

By purchasing the first editions of our products you become a member of the Mudita Pioneer community. The perks of membership include:

  • -40% for the next editions of the product

  • Participating in quarterly Q&A with Mudita team

  • Receiving an exclusive content once a month

  • MuditaPioneer Badge on Mudita Forum

Thank you for your interest!