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Bananatex® Watch Strap

Vegan, plant-based Bananatex® strap available in yarn-dyed gravel or black color. Interchangeable straps with just one-click. Perfect match for your Mudita Moment.

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Bananatex® Strap for Mudita Moment

Our additional Bananatex® straps for Mudita Moment are available in gravel or black color. Equipped with a quick-spring bar movement that enables you to change straps with just one click.

Vegan Bananatex® watch strap

These 100% plant-based straps are made out of Abaca Banana plants without harming any animals during the process of production. This strap is durable and incredibly strong thanks to the yarn made out of the plant's fibres. A thin layer of black cork makes this strap even more comfortable to wear.

Plant-based Bananatex® material

Banana plants are grown in the Philippines, where they take part in the important process of reforestation, not to mention limiting carbon footprint. No extra water or pesticides are required since plants grow in their natural ecosystem. Plant stalks used for production are cut down once a year and they regrow fully within 12 months. The yawn dyeing method is used since it is more sustainable than typical roll dyeing.

Cruelty-free alternative

Strength and durability don’t mean plastic anymore. Bananatex® is very strong and is a great alternative for other synthetic materials. A great choice for everyone that searches for a more casual look. Choose a plant-based Bananatex® strap rather than traditional bands if you want to reduce plastic waste and carbon footprint.

Adjust your Mudita Moment

Update the look of your Mudita Moment as you change your style. The quick-spring bar movement means you can change the straps with an easy one-click swap. No special tools are needed! All straps offered in our store will fit your Mudita Moment and match your mood and style.

Bananatex® Strap - how to care

Although our Bananatex® straps are water-resistant and can handle occasional splashes of water and rain, we do not recommend wearing the watch while showering, bathing, or swimming. Also, keep in mind that they are not machine washable and avoid contact with hot water. To maintain your straps in good condition, just use cold water and clean them with a clean, wet cloth without any detergents. When it’s time for new straps, make sure to recycle metal parts and dispose of old straps in a mixed-waste bin. We recommend exchanging your straps every six months for hygienic reasons.

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