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Desserto® Watch Strap

Vegan, plant-based Desserto® strap available in dyed gray or black color. Interchangeable straps with just one click. Perfect match for your Mudita Moment.

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Desserto® Strap for Mudita Moment

Our additional Desserto® straps for Mudita Moment are available in gray or black color. Equipped with a quick-spring bar movement that enables you to change straps with just one click.

Vegan Desserto® watch strap

Production of Desserto® is based on cactus which makes it vegan and cruelty-free. Its surface resembles traditional leather straps, however, no animals were harmed for its production. They combine an elegant look with durability while remaining comfortable to wear.

Plant-based material

Production begins in Mexico on a cactus plantation. No fertilizers or water irrigation is necessary - just local soil, rain, and the Mexican sun - this is all cactuses need to grow. Mature leaves are cut off, without damaging the rest of the plant. Subsequently, the leaves are dried in the sun, in order to limit the energy used in the entire material production process.

Cruelty-free Desserto® alternative

Leather-like material that’s cruelty-free? Yes, Desserto® is the right alternative. This strap is 100% vegan and plant-based. Resources and energy used to grow cactuses are limited to a minimum. Not to mention that the roots of the plant are left intact and regularly regrow leaves for production, all the while doing what plants do the best: produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Limiting your carbon footprint is yet another benefit of Desserto® straps.

Adjust your Mudita Moment

Change the look of your Mudita Moment to match all styles. Each strap is equipped with a 316L stainless steel buckle and quick-spring bar movement enables you to change the straps with an easy one-click swap. Absolutely no tools required! All straps offered in our store will be a perfect match for your style and your Mudita Moment.

Desserto® Strap - how to care

Our Desserto® strap will manage with water splashes that happen during everyday usage of the watch, but we do recommend not to wet straps during shower, bath, or swimming. Clean with a wet, clean cloth without detergents, do not machine wash. After usage, recycle metal parts and dispose of straps to the mixed waste bin. We recommend changing your straps every six months due to hygienic reasons.

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