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Mudita Harmony

Mudita Harmony is your sleep companion which helps you establish healthy bedtime habits, improve the quality of your sleep, as well as bring you a sense of calm. Remove your phone from the bedroom and wake-up to carefully crafted sounds without all the unnecessary distractions and information overload.

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Why Mudita Harmony?

Sleep experts agree: we should stop using our smartphones as alarm clocks. Not only do smartphones emit EMFs, but keeping our phones within arm’s reach means that we are still connected to the online world when we should be falling into a deep, restorative sleep. Mudita Harmony can help you establish healthy bedtime habits, improve the quality of your sleep, as well as bring you a sense of calm.

  • Soothing wake-up sounds

  • Meditation and power nap timer

  • Background sounds for relaxation

  • Bedtime reminder

  • High-quality speaker

  • E Ink Display

Wake-up and unwind with beautiful and pleasant melodies

Just like in our modern, minimalist phone, Mudita Pure, we included melodies and sounds recorded by Nick Lewis, a Canadian musician and a dear friend of ours. While recording, he used a variety of instruments such as Tibetan bowls, a guitar, ukulele, and koshi bells. We also incorporated soothing nature sounds and tranquil melodies intended to help you wake up more naturally.

Background sounds for relaxation

Mudita Harmony is intended to help you create an offline, bedtime routine with nature and ambient sounds, as well as soothing music. These sound compositions can be used to relax or simply as a background accent when falling asleep. Additionally, we also included white noise sounds to make it easier for parents to put their kids to sleep. The humming sounds can also be enjoyed by anyone who likes to fall asleep to white noise.

You’ll be able to choose the length of the sound, and it will turn off automatically.

Meditation timer

It is another simple, yet useful feature for meditation enthusiasts. You can select the length of the desired meditation session, the number of intervals, which will then start and end with a deep gong sound.

Need to recharge? Use the Power Nap function.

A power nap has the ability to boost your memory, cognitive skills, creativity, and energy level. According to a study by NASA, a 26-minute nap improved the performance of pilots and astronauts by 34% and alertness by 54%. Numerous other studies suggest that the optimal length of a nap is between 10-20 minutes, however, they should not last more than 30 minutes. The benefits of a well-timed power nap include, not only reduced fatigue and increased alertness, but also improvement in mood and performance, including quicker reaction time and better memory.

Benefit from regular sleep habits by setting up your daily Bedtime reminder

Consistency is key when it comes to proper sleep hygiene and good sleep quality. Making sure we wake up and go to bed at similar times every day ensures our circadian rhythm is properly regulated. The circadian rhythm is the internal biological clock which adapts our bodies to better perform tasks at specific hours. Keeping consistent sleeping hours allows us to wake up naturally restored and energized.

When your preferred time for sleep approaches, and it’s time for bed, the Bedtime reminder melody will sound, in order to remind you that it’s time to start your bedtime routine. This way, you create a daily ritual around your bedtime and use it as a way to unwind and relax.

Eye-friendly E Ink screen

We really love E Ink screens since they’re eye-friendly and don’t lead to eye strain and fatigue. They also have a natural, analog, paper-like feel. The contemporary, 2.84” E Ink display features a 480x600 resolution, a PPI of 270, and supports 16-bit grayscale, which makes the clock screen easy to read in normal light.

Rechargeable battery

Instead of single-use batteries, we decided to equip Mudita Harmony with a changeable and rechargeable battery of 2600 mAh and power-efficient software.

Fully customisable experience

Simple and intuitive to use, yet with a wide range of settings, so you can configure it the way you love to use it and customize each aspect of your wake-up routine.

  • Alarm

    - Time - Tone & Volume - Light on/off

  • Pre-wake-up

    - Time - Tone & Volume

  • Snooze

    - Time - Tone & Volume

  • Bedtime reminder

    - Time - Tone & Volume

  • Power nap

    - Length

  • Meditation timer

    - Length - Intervals

Software updates thanks to Open-Source MuditaOS

Mudita Harmony shares the Mudita Pure's operating system - MuditaOS, meaning  that we’ll be releasing software updates to add improvements and functions based on the feedback we will collect. 

You’ll also be able to upload your own audio content.

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