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T-shirt Here - Men

The Togetherness collection is a tribute to simplicity. It celebrates the power of clean lines, minimalism, quality and transparency. Speaks through tranquility, uncomplicated words, honesty. Made to last, of 100% pure organic cotton.

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Mudita Togetherness

The Mudita Togetherness collection represents a shift towards simplicity and tranquility. It's about rediscovering our most fundamental desire of being close to each other. 2020 challenged us in many ways, but also motivated us to do better, to see and appreciate things as they really are. Restore our closeness to nature. Focus on meaningful relationships with others and with ourselves.

Clean, yet unique form

Simple and powerful words which express our most important values: minimalism and appreciation for the present moment. Less. Here. Now. is a line of high quality, everyday T-shirts available in carefully selected shades of white and black. Made to be worn both outdoors and at home.

Less. Here. Now.

Choose the message which resonates with you most or buy the whole line to build your quality base for everyday styles.

We’ve created the design from scratch, to achieve the shape and style which would express our aesthetics best: simple but unique. We’ve added a discreet and well-crafted embroidery on the chest and neck.


Apart from the simple message on the front, we’ve placed a delicate, well-crafted embroidered logo of Mudita on the chest and neck. Our logo was inspired by a flower, a beautiful and vulnerable creation that needs to be protected. It’s a representation of our heart, which can only bloom if properly nourished.

GOTS certified

The T-shirt, including all labels, is made of organic cotton by our trusted manufacturer from Turkey. It’s GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. GOTS is internationally recognized as the highest organic textile standard. It covers every step of manufacturing - from field to fashion.


  • Grown responsibly

    Organic cotton is grown alongside food which allows to keep biodiversity

  • No harmful chemicals

    Only natural pesticides are used which helps to protect water supplies

  • Better for the planet

    Up to 94% less greenhouse gas emissions

  • Fair conditions

    High social standards and no forced or child labour

  • Natural & safe

    Environmentally friendly dye

  • No plastic

    Paper used in packaging and labels must be recycled or certified

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