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Disconnect to reconnect

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Ssshh notifications, dial up conversations

Meet Stolp, your partner in crime to go fully offline.

Unplug up to 6 smartphones and get social with a simple gesture.

Disconnect to reconnect. For more togetherness and flowing conversations. For more time doing what you love.

It's built to go 100% offline

Here's how

One simple gesture. Zero distractions. No more pings, rings or incoming notifications. Just cover your phones and get back to what's good in life.

Faraday to the rescue Stolp is a radiation-free Faraday cage. Once you choose to fully close it, you are fully unplugged. No signal will come in, nor out.

Out of sight, out of mind Let Stolp be your visual reminder to unplug. Break with the habit of 'always on', always checking and discover the power of hiding your phone in plain sight.

Stolp acts as a Faraday cage, where an electromagnetic layer ensures that once the phones are placed an inside, no signal can enter. This ensures that you'll have no phone, WiFi, 3-5G,... connection whatsoever on your phone. You and your company are 100% offline, receive no notifications and can fully enjoy the conversation you're having or the activity you're doing.

Stolp is your partner in crime to go fully offline and is there to help you disconnect more easily.

For more togetherness and flowing conversations. For more time doing what you love. For more slowing down. Time to be present & enjoy moments at their fullest.

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