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Mudita Pause Love Cards

The Limited Edition of Mudita Pause card deck, enriched with an additional set of five cards inspired by the theme of Love.

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Mindful Cards for Offline Moments

Regain deep focus with this mindfulness card deck. Note the words of wisdom that come to your mind. Feel the structure of a premium, natural paper in your hand. Reconnect to nature and the present moment.

  • Mindful meditations

    The cards allow to enjoy the moment of pause by looking at surroundings with genuine attention.

  • Ecological and woodfree paper

    Munken Lynx is a high-quality uncoated paper with an exceptional feel. .

  • Hand-drawn illustrations

    Each card was designed with the highest attention to detail. The design is soothing, neutral and warm.

Limited edition

We’ve created this limited mindfulness meditation to celebrate the power of unconditional love, compassion and self-awareness. These poetic meditations will allow you to focus on what’s essential and evoke the feelings of warmth and kindness. For yourself and all living beings. This deck of cards imagines love as an embodied love - the one we experience with all our senses as a physical entity. It is not about romantic love, rather an all-embracing feeling which we all have in common. The Cards intend to evoke pleasure and joy as an inherent part of self-care practice.

Mindfulness card deck

The Mudita Pause is a mindfulness card deck, designed to create a moment of pause and deep focus in a world full of distraction and overstimulation. The Cards are based on observation and visualisation of the natural world and its phenomena. They depict interconnection between humans and the natural environment.

Better understanding of our relationship with the world

By genuinely paying attention to one’s surroundings, this guided exercise helps to evoke compassion towards the natural environment and other living creatures. It shows how humanity is irrevocably intertwined with the trails of nature. As a result, it may foster a better understanding of our relationship with the world.

Take a Pause

Munken Lynx

Ecological and woodfree paper

Munken Lynx is a high-quality uncoated paper with an impressive portfolio. It is produced with an attention to detail, a passion for quality, tactility and sensory impact of the final product. Created in Munkedal, a village in western Sweden, Munken treats the environment as an absolute priority. It’s 100% woodfree and ecological.

Empty Cards

Embrace whatever your mind unravels

During the process of reading cards, you may find yourself immersed in thoughts and reflections. Take your time and use a set of empty cards to take note of ideas close to your heart.

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