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Mudita Moment

A minimalist, automatic watch.

Modern design. Battery-free mechanism. With an additional analog breathing feature, as a unique tool and reminder, to restore your tranquility.

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Selected features

  • Automatic movement

  • Breathing exercises

  • Battery-free forever

  • Vegan straps

Minimalism and elegance redefined

Introducing the new and elegant dial designs of our celebrated Mudita Moment watch collection, a proud recipient of the coveted Red Dot Design Award. The new faces of our timepiece collection are expanding with two new distinctive dials, designed in-house, by our talented designer Martyna Piaściak.

One version, a serene white and the other, a tasteful beige, accentuated with the crisp clarity of numeral indexes. Designed to heighten time-reading precision and to infuse an unmistakable classic charm, these numerals make each moment count.

Our beige dial, a harmonious blend of sun and sand hues, is perfect for your summer escapades, yet versatile enough to complement your style all year round. Immerse yourself in the heartwarming color spectrum synonymous with Mudita's sustainable products. The new dials of Mudita Moment are perfectly compatible with all our vegan straps available in our online store.

Discover the charm of our new Desserto® Beige Sand strap - an exquisite addition which impeccably compliments our new beige dial.

Mindfully tailored with an extended length of 130/80mm, this strap is designed to comfortably fit all, including those with larger wrists. This evolution in design is a testament to our commitment to responding to your needs, to create an accessory that fits not just your watch, but your lifestyle.

Made from cactus

Our Desserto® strap transcends the ordinary, carefully crafted from the unique natural material - the cactus. With a surface that echoes the sophisticated texture of traditional leather, our strap marries elegance with durability, all without causing harm to a single animal.

Our strap's journey starts under the glorious Mexican sun on a serene cactus plantation. Cacti thrive in local soil, nourished by natural rainfall, requiring no artificial fertilizers or irrigation systems. Mature leaves are gently harvested without harming the plant, dried in the sun to conserve energy, and then transformed into our remarkable Desserto® straps.

Our Desserto® Beige Sand strap is a symbol of sustainable luxury - 100% vegan and entirely plant-based. The minimal resources and energy needed to cultivate the cacti not only represent our commitment to environmental responsibility, but also contribute to a lower carbon footprint.

Additionally, the resilient cacti continue their lifecycle, regrowing leaves, releasing oxygen, and absorbing carbon dioxide - playing their part in creating a healthier planet.

As with all our watches, the defining parameters remain steadfast, maintaining our promise of quality and authenticity.

Experience a deeper connection with nature and time with our new Desserto® Beige Sand strap – a mindful choice for the discerning and conscious individual. Crafted with attention to every detail, our watches aren't just accessories, they're an extension of your personality.

Harnessing the power of tranquility in 15 dots

We love amazingly simple, yet brilliant design solutions that add that ZEN Rebel character to our products. This is why we couldn’t resist using the second's hand of the watch to encourage you to perform simple, yet powerful breathing exercises. Conscious breathing is an important part of living a more mindful life, being more relaxed, calm, and focused. The 15 dots, which we added on the dial of Mudita Moment, are a tool and reminder to take a moment in your everyday life and practice healthy breathing.


We admire the power of simple design, inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese culture and ZEN aesthetics. That’s why we wanted Mudita Moment to embody minimalism, simplicity, and neutrality. We didn’t want the watch to be overwhelming, but to highlight neutral elegance and tranquility.

Minimalist dial and form

Simplicity and neutrality can have many shapes and forms. We achieved the minimalist look of Mudita Moment thanks to a slightly rounded case with a simplified dial. It enables the watch to softly blend in as an accessory but is still a practical tool and mindful reminder.

A calming tempo

The dial is designed to convey a sense of calm. The gentle, seamless motion of the seconds hand acts as a metaphor for the flow of life and the continuous passage of time. It not only creates a sense of tranquility but also enables you to practice breathing exercises anytime, anywhere.

Unisex approach

Measuring 38 mm in diameter and with a case thickness of 10.8 mm, the Mudita Moment is optimally sized, proving suitable for most wrists. The watch case looks elegant, discreet, and readily slips beneath the cuff of a shirt or blouse. Perfect fit for everyone, on any occasion.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

A see-through caseback enables you to look at the rotor - the heart of the self-winding mechanism. We decided to engrave a simple, yet powerful message there - Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. This mindful quote is a reminder that regular practice and consistency are the keys to establishing healthy habits like deep breathing.

One of a kind

Every single watch has a unique serial number, which makes your Mudita Moment distinct. It will be visible on the back of your watch. There will be a limited number of these distinct timepieces in every series. Only 10,000 watches of each design will be available. One of them can be yours!

No-logo on the dial

Neutrality and lightness translate into an understated elegance, which can only be achieved with minimalist design and without visible logo placement. You will only find discrete logos on the back of the Mudita Moment, at the very heart of the mechanism, and on the strap buckle. We believe this is enough to remind you to pause and enjoy the moment. If you prefer subtle branding then Mudita Moment will be a perfect match for you.

Vegan, interchangeable one-click straps

Neutral colors and designs make Mudita Moment perfect for everyone. Every style is kept in a simple design to achieve a minimalist look with all color combinations. This watch is discrete, yet elegant. It underlines the beauty of simplicity and neutrality.

Vegan straps

No animals have been harmed during the production of the Mudita Moment. This was a commitment we made from the outset of the project and it is part of our cruelty-free ethos. We strongly believe that being more mindful also means connecting with nature through everyday products that we use.

Pleasant to the touch

Lightness goes together with softness and comfort. Natural materials used in the straps ensure they will quickly adjust to your wrist, while still being durable. The straps also feel very pleasant to the touch. They are very comfortable and enable you to wear Mudita Moment every day without irritating your skin. We do recommend changing straps every six months for hygienic reasons.

You choose you

Every watch comes with a vegan, plant-based strap, carefully selected by our designers. The straps are interchangeable so that you can match your watch to your every mood and outfit. Choose to express your style. All straps highlight simple, neutral colors and materials like cork, Bananatex®, and Desserto®. Which one is your favorite?

Interchangeable one-click straps

The quick-release spring bar system enables effortless change of the strap, without the need for any tools. The appearance of the watch can be altered to create a new look while still remaining an essential and elegant accessory.

Black Gray Desserto®Black Black Bananatex®Black Black CorkBlack Black Desserto®Black Gravel Bananatex®Black Natural CorkBlack Desserto® SandGray Gray Desserto®Gray Black Bananatex®Gray Black CorkGray Black Desserto®Gray Gravel Bananatex®Gray Natural CorkGray Desserto® SandWhite Gray Desserto®White Black Bananatex®White Black CorkWhite Black Desserto®White Gravel Bananatex®White Natural CorkWhite Desserto® SandWhite NR Gray Desserto®White NR Black Bananatex®White NR Black CorkWhite NR Black Desserto®White NR Gravel Bananatex®White NR Natural CorkWhite NR Desserto® SandBeige NR Gray Desserto®Beige NR Black Bananatex®Beige NR Black CorkBeige NR Black Desserto®Beige NR Gravel Bananatex®Beige NR Natural CorkBeige NR Desserto® Sand

Find your perfect match

The configurator is designed solely to showcase the various composition options available for Mudita Moment & Mudita Moment NR. To purchase a watch in your desired configuration, please select the relevant product from our store.
Select the color of the dial
Select the color of the straps

White Dial with Natural Cork Strap
* Recommended by Mudita

Made to last

While designing Mudita Moment, we focused not only on minimalist aesthetics but also on using the highest quality materials. We pay attention to the smallest details. The best components and kinetic mechanism make Mudita Moment a long-lasting timepiece that you will enjoy wearing for years to come. It fits perfectly with a less-waste, environmentally-conscious lifestyle. With regular maintenance and proper care, you can experience years of use.

Sapphire glass

No compromise on glass durability. The sapphire crystal positioned above the dial is made from one of the hardest materials on Earth, measuring 9 (out of 10) on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Furthermore, the surface of the sapphire crystal is treated with an anti-reflective coating, enhancing readability.

Medical grade stainless steel (Sandblasted 316L)

The Mudita Moment is housed in a 316L stainless steel case. This material is very strong and resistant to corrosion. In this instance, the surface of the case features a sandblasted effect conferring an understated appearance.

5 ATM water resistance

A timepiece that will be there for us anytime has to be reliable. Mudita Moment is water-resistant to 5 ATM (it can withstand a pressure of 5 bar or a water column of 50 meters). It means it is resistant to contact with water during everyday activities. However, we do not recommend that you wear the watch while swimming, because we didn't test the vegan straps with prolonged use underwater.

Sapphire Caseback

The reverse of Mudita Moment, also known as the case back, is fitted with a pane of sapphire crystal, affording hypnotizing views of the automatic movement at the heart of the watch.

Automatic Movement Miyota 9015

From the beginning, it was clear to us that we wanted to produce a self-powered watch. For us, it symbolizes the balance and beauty of nature. The self-winding movement uses the mechanical energy of the wearer’s wrist to power the watch. We trust traditional Japanese craftsmanship and chose the Miyota 9015 mechanism to power Mudita Moment.

Japanese perfection

We needed the movement to be precise and reliable. We’ve found our perfect match in the Japanese company, Miyota, established in 1959, which has been delivering high-precision mechanical movements for decades. Their well-known traditional craftsmanship ensures the highest quality mechanisms. Miyota’s movements are assembled in Japan using only parts manufactured at Japanese facilities.

Sustainable mechanism without battery

While regular quartz watches need a new battery every 2 years, with the Mudita Moment, you will never have to throw away another battery. An automatic Miyota 9015 movement powers the watch, thanks to the movement of the wearer's hand. Power reserve lasts for up to 42 h without movement. Just a few minutes of wearing it on your wrist is needed to restart the watch.

Precise regulation of only 0/+10 seconds a day

Please note that it’s quite common for timepieces with automatic movements, such as Mudita Moment, to experience slight variations in timekeeping. The Miyota mechanism, renowned for its reliability, typically maintains an accuracy within a range of -10 to +30 seconds per day. Through our dedicated collaboration with skilled watchmakers, Mudita has refined this mechanism to ensure a maximum deviation of just 10 seconds per day. This level of precision sets a new standard for punctuality in automatic watches, especially those in the same category as the Mudita Moment.

The importance of craftmanship

When creating Mudita Moment, we wanted to partner with a local and experienced company that would provide us with the necessary experience and the highest standard of quality control. We have decided to cooperate with Błonie, a Polish watchmaking brand. Their tradition goes back to the late 1950s when the company was first established. Today, their experience combines with modern technology to provide the highest quality timepieces such as Mudita Moment.

Designed in Europe. Assembled in Hong Kong.

After extensive research of manufacturers of watch components, we decided to choose a plant recommended to us by Błonie. The factory in Hong Kong has proven its highest delivery standards by producing Błonie watches for the last few years. The manufacturer complies with the ISO 9001, 9002 standards, Swiss SGS System Certification, and British UKAS Quality Management certificates.

Modern tradition

Błonie has been well known for its watchmaking tradition for many years. The company was established in the late 1950s and subsequently revived in 2014. Currently, Błonie produces watches using carefully selected parts and high-quality components with reliable manufacturers. The company is a perfect fit for us because it embodies a combination of modern technology, contemporary design, and local history. Their knowledge and experience helped us to develop the Mudita Moment.

Precise regulation & thorough quality check

A watch designed in Europe with a Japanese heart needed precision to achieve the highest quality. After assembly in Hong Kong, each Mudita Moment is regulated by experts in Europe. The mechanism of each watch is adjusted and goes through a full quality-control inspection by experienced watchmakers from Błonie. Unlike mass-produced watches, we check every single Mudita Moment. Each watch is meticulously examined by an expert Polish watchmaker, who carefully regulates the precision of each mechanism and certifies the highest quality of the product. The final quality check takes place at Błonie’s facility, close to Warsaw, Poland.

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