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Mudita Manifesto

We are Mudita,

a new kind of tech company. We care about freedom, joy and living in the present moment. Join us in the quest for a spontaneous, positive, and harmonious lifestyle.

Welcome to Mudita

Mudita is a new kind of tech company, it exists to benefit the future of humankind. A future where people live more conscious and fulfilled lives. Where ethics and doing the right thing is more important than money. Where knowledge about how to live mentally and physically healthy lives is widely known and incorporated in everyday life.

Welcome to Mudita.

Welcome to the future.

What an exciting time to be alive!

It seems we finally reached our true potential

Things we take for granted today were only present in the wildest dreams of visionaries and science fiction authors just 30 years ago. With our smartphones we can talk ‘face-to-face’ with a friend living on a different continent, find the answer to any question instantly and access hundreds of hours worth of new media being uploaded every second. It seems we’ve finally reached our true potential. With the swipe of a finger, our power seems limitless.

It’s awesome to keep long-distance friendships alive with technology.

Yet, something went wrong

More and more of us feel that this dream of endless options is turning into a nightmare of anxiety and constant worry. We allow our social media feeds and random notifications to interrupt our real-time conversations.

We are losing the ability to enjoy our offline life. We choose to go through a feed of irrelevant updates over a moment of full presence or self-reflection.

Staying focused enough to read one chapter of a book without getting distracted is a struggle.

It’s hard to remember the last time we enjoyed a calm moment of solitude without the compulsion to reach for our phone.

Does it look familiar?

Technology was supposed to give us more free time, but it seems the opposite happened

More than ever, we feel overwhelmed by information. We are more dependent on our smartphones with our need to keep busy. That is why we started Mudita. To say no to a lifestyle dominated by glowing screens. To say yes to the freedom and time to live a real, offline life with all its beauty of colors, smells, textures, relations and emotions.

Noel Jones, a renowned professor of economics that Michal, the founder of Mudita, met on a plane from Myanmar to Thailand, shares this view. During this unexpected meeting he said:

”These days people limit their perceptions to 5 inch smartphone screens. What a waste of all the beauty and amazing things which surround us in real life! That is why I always dedicate first minutes of my lectures to new students to explain that they should observe and be present in the world around them with eyes wide open, and not limit their lives to those tiny screens, which is so often the case those days.”


Think about it

There are negativities connected with the overuse of modern technology, which we think we should be more aware of

We favour online interactions over reality

We’re losing the ability to enjoy our offline life. We choose to go through a feed of irrelevant updates over a moment of full presence or self-reflection. It’s a spiral. Our over-dopamine brains want more, causing everyday experiences to appear boring and unfulfilling.

It's not a private matter

Digital distractions influence our relationships with friends and family. We’ve gotten used to scrolling through our feeds while having dinner, talking to a partner or colleague.

We feel overwhelmed

Your time and attention are precious. Not just for you, but also for a number of companies, that compete to monetize it. Distracting notifications trigger a compulsion to check your phone every couple of minutes. These addictive behaviors lead to anxiety and stress

We need to be better parents

It’s our duty to teach our children how to properly and responsibly use technology . We need to help them cultivate their sense of self offline.

Privacy protection is a must

We’re giving away more private information than we might want to. Leaks of data and our lack of control are alarming and we need tools to protect ourselves. We can’t accept the privacy violations a number of tech companies have initiated and how their decisions negatively affect society.

We need to be cautious about the health-related long-term effects of current technology

Device overuse can be potentially harmful to our bodies, eyes, and posture. There are also concerns related to our exposure to radiation. The radiation emitted by mobile phones has not been thoroughly studied yet, but the initial results make us cautious about the possible dangers. The best protection is to remain as close as possible to the natural level in order to limit your exposure.

We have become inseparable from our smartphones, even in the bedroom.

  • Mobile phone radiation exposure

    There are concerns about the possible health effects of intensive mobile phone usage. All mobile phones should contain information which warns against keeping your device in direct contact with your head or body. Few people manage to find it, even fewer follow the instructions provided

  • Blue light emission

    Chronic exposure to blue light in the evening can lower the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep, disrupting your circadian rhythm. Overuse of digital screens can also lead to digital eye strain, which includes blurry vision, difficulty focusing, dry and irritated eyes or headaches.

  • Tech neck and texting thumb

    Hand muscle injuries are becoming more common due to repetitive motions of gripping, tapping and swiping. Bending your head to look at your mobile device held in your hands puts additional pressure to your neck. It results in chronic pain and can influence your posture.

That’s why Mudita was born

Take a deep breath

We believe, that great things happen when we’re fully present and aware

We’d like to find a deeper and more stable peace of mind, clarity and focus. We’d like to build authentic relationships. We want to simply appreciate a walk in the park without our phones constantly demanding our attention. We believe that without constant distractions, it is easier to make room in our lives for amazing things! Our mission in Mudita is to make mobile phones and other devices that put your physical and mental well-being first.

We’ve reached a moment, where we refuse to be bombarded with more digital distractions, irrelevant information and excessive functionalities. Instead, we need to make space for discovering and embracing who we are and what makes us unique. We’ve gathered a dream-team of experts to design products that bring balance and quality to people’s lives.

Our products are supposed to be both neutral and simple, not attention grabbing, not needlessly interfering with life

What does 'Mudita' mean?

The word ‘mudita’ comes from Pali, a Middle Indo-Aryan language native to the Indian subcontinent and has no counterpart in English. We can describe it as pleasure, that comes from the unselfish joy of witnessing the well-being of others. We chose this name because we’re happy when you’re happy.

We were inspired by this Buddhist concept of developing a more compassionate relationship with yourself and others. Working on our ability to share the happiness of others helps us convert jealousy and worry into calmness and optimism.


Mudita’s logo was inspired by a flower, a beautiful and vulnerable creation that needs to be protected. It’s a representation of our heart, which can only bloom if properly nourished. Especially in today’s modern world, which offers so many possibilities that make it easy to forget who we really are.

The lotus flower symbolizes something beautiful arising from the mud. Our logo could be interpreted as any flower or plant, as all of them symbolize life force, purity, the true nature of our heart, and Mother Earth. We think, in an age dominated by technology, not to forget about our origins and connection with all that is. It symbolizes the joy of existence in our beautiful world which, unfortunately, our civilization tends to abuse so often.

Our logo has at least five different meanings, some a little less serious. We invite you to discover them. It probably has many more that we haven't found yet.

Why phones?

We’re not blaming smartphones for all of the evil in this world, but the growing impact they have on our behavior, relationships, ability to focus, and our health is alarming. Our private data, time, and attention have become currencies that a number of tech and media companies compete for. Their products are specifically designed to keep us hooked, and we’re not very good at resisting.

At Mudita, we design devices that give you back control over your privacy and relationship with technology. Phones should be a tool for connecting people, but overusing them isolates us. Smartphones can also do harm, to our sight and posture. Long-term consequences of our constant exposure to artificial sources of radiation haven’t been thoroughly studied yet, but initial results make us cautious.

Pure grey e-commerce

We need more than a tool to make a real change, we need education.

That’s why, as much as we care about developing the best products, we also want to concentrate on gathering valuable resources and sharing that knowledge. We’re teaming up with like-minded individuals, researchers and organizations around the world to ignite a conversation.

The most significant conversations happen offline.

If you’d like to get involved

join us at where our team members are easy to talk to.

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