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Fast Company has honored Mudita by including us on its list of BRANDS THAT MATTER. The list is composed of ONLY 95 international companies and nonprofits that have had an undeniable impact on business and culture. Mudita is the only Polish company on the list!

"The Mudita Pure features a black and white e-ink display, designed to be nondistracting.”

"Something more back to basics, phones that just do calls and texts"

"It doesn't always have to be a giant screen: The Mudita Pure only has buttons and an e-ink, screen similar to e-book readers. If you don't want your smartphone to send massive amounts of data to Google or other corporations, there are now operating systems and cell phones which keep out data collectors."

"Today Michał Kiciński helps run Mudita, a hardware company that designed a simple, high-end smartphone alternative to help those suffering from an “overflow of information” and “addictive patterns.” “This phone,” he says, “is like Witcher 1.”"

"Polish startup Mudita has launched a mobile phone that ‘aims to improve your wellbeing’ by replacing the modern-day smartphone. The pebble gray phone features a sleek, minimal design, and a 2.84inch e-ink screen for eye-friendly reading — like that found on a Kindle."

"According to research cited by the phone's creators, 86% of phone users check their devices while speaking with pals. Just under a third are more interested in their smartphones than sex. By using the distraction-free Mudita Pure, you can return your attention to pals and lovers."

"Earlier last month Michał Kiciński, the co-founder of CD Projekt Red, introduced a phone designed to help you relax and disconnect called Mudita Pure. It takes a very different direction from modern smartphones and it’s arguably more apt to call it the anti-phone as it’s not connected to the Internet and it even has a physical switch that disables your cell connection."

"In a world where companies are trying their best to place a smartphone in your hand, a company from Poland wants to take the smart out of the phone to help you be more present in your life. Mudita’s Pure is a minimalistic phone that is made specifically for users who are looking for a phone that offers bare-bone functionality."

"Most minimalist phones on the market are only inspired by the aesthetic of clean and simple design but Mudita Pure is a modern take on a classic phone that's all about intentionally helping people to do less."

"First and foremost, the Pure has a sleek design with an E Ink display and physical buttons, rather than a large LED or OLED display with minimal bezels. According to Mudita, this design is intended to minimize the overload of information found in a traditional smartphone, which it says can be distracting from the real world."

"MuditaOS is a beautifully designed E Ink mobile operating system. You might have come across the E Ink display with electronic eBook readers like Kindle or Nook. The E Ink display itself is soothing to the eyes and MuditaOS makes it even more beautiful with its minimalist approach."

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