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GADGET fans should ditch their fancy smartphones for a "dumb phone" with limited features. That's the claim from the creators of a minimalist mobile that promises to improve your life, help your vision and possibly even boost your sex life.

Mudita Pure - minimalistyczny design, brak internetu i najniższy wśród telefonów wskaźnik absorpcji promieniowania to najważniejsze cechy telefonu, który wkrótce może zrewolucjonizować rynek. "To nowoczesne podejście do tradycyjnego telefonu" - piszą o swoim projekcie twórcy, Polacy

The Polish technology company Mudita after collecting nearly $ 400,000 on crowdfunding platforms opened a presale of the minimalist Mudita Pure phone on its website.

We all want to put our phones down and engage more with the world. That’s what minimalist phone companies tell us and Mudita is no different. The company is launching the Mudita Pure, a feature phone with few functions besides calls and texts.

Introducing an all-new Mudita Pure, It's a Minimalist Phone with no distractions, an E Ink display, ultralow SAR value, and the feature that needed. Basically, Mudita Pure is the perfect minimalist phone.

Biznes Mówi. Gościem programu "Biznes Mówi" jest współtwórca legendarnej polskiej firmy produkującej gry komputerowe. Michał Kiciński mówi Kazimierzowi Krupie o relacjach, jakie łączą go z CD Projektem, kosztach sukcesu i swoim nowym przedsięwzięciu biznesowym.

Earlier last month Michał Kiciński, the co-founder of CD Projekt Red, introduced a phone designed to help you relax and disconnect called Mudita Pure. It takes a very different direction from modern smartphones and it’s arguably more apt to call it the anti-phone as it’s not connected to the Internet and it even has a physical switch that disables your cell connection.

Polish startup Mudita has launched a mobile phone that ‘aims to improve your wellbeing’ by replacing the modern-day smartphone. The pebble gray phone features a sleek, minimal design, and a 2.84inch e-ink screen for eye-friendly reading — like that found on a Kindle.