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Mudita Harmony

Peaceful. Friendly. Beautiful.

Mudita Harmony is your sleep companion which helps you establish healthy bedtime habits, improve the quality of your sleep, as well as bring you a sense of calm.

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Selected features

  • Soothing wake-up sounds

  • Meditation timer

  • Background sounds for relaxation

  • Bedtime reminder

  • High-quality speaker

  • E Ink display

Minimalist design. Analog feel.

A contemporary, minimalist device with an analog feel that brings peace into your bedroom. We created Mudita Harmony to be as easy and friendly to use as possible, with a paper-like display. We made the conscious decision to create a device which would include only the features that will help your sleep hygiene and eliminate those that won’t.

Clean, curved lines

Our inspirations for the shape of Mudita Harmony were taken from Japanese and Scandinavian design traditions. Designed to be both simple and neutral, with a round shape that fits on the palm of your hand. The back of the alarm clock is inspired by nature - the holes in the speaker are uniquely placed to resemble the seeds of a sunflower.

Ease of use thanks to physical buttons, rotating knob, and minimalistic interface

It seems obvious, however, during the smartphone era, we have forgotten about physical buttons and knobs. These are often easier to navigate than touch screens, especially at night.

Mudita Harmony uses an archetypical button for activating and deactivating the alarm. The knob also rotates to let the user navigate the system seamlessly.

E Ink display with a pleasant, natural, paper-like feel

Eye-friendly E Ink screen

We're big fans of E Ink displays, as they don’t cause eye strain or fatigue and have a natural, paper-like and analog feel. Our modern, 2.84” E Ink display, with a resolution of 480x600, a PPI of 270, and support of 16-bit grayscale, makes the clock screen easy to read in normal light.

Front light with minimized blue light not to disturb your sleep

Mudita Harmony has a customized front light that has 2700 K on the Kelvin color temperature scale. If you want to check the time in the middle of the night there will be minimal disturbance to your sleeping cycles. Light temperatures above 4000 K are defined as blue light and for most smartphones, they range from 6000 K to 10000 K.

Invite Harmony into your bedroom

Pre-wake-up tone & light for a gentle start of the day

Your body is created to naturally wake up with the sunrise. Mudita Harmony lights up with a warm light 10 minutes before the alarm, together with a gentle sound created for the purpose of awakening your subconscious mind to gently prepare you to get up with the main alarm.

Snooze function & snooze chime to prevent you from falling asleep again

We know that many people can’t imagine their wake-up routine without the snooze function, that’s why we decided to add it. However, following the advice from numerous research and sleep experts that don’t recommend using the snooze function, we decided to add an option to set up a snooze chime - a subtle sound that will ring every minute to prevent you from falling into a deep sleep again, and as a result, minimize the negative consequences of hitting the snooze button. You can choose to deactivate it in the settings.

Benefit from regular sleep habits by setting up your daily Bedtime reminder

When it comes to sleep hygiene and improvement in sleep quality, consistency is key. Establishing a habit of waking up and going to bed at similar hours every day optimizes our circadian rhythms, the internal biological clocks, and adapts our bodies to better perform tasks at certain hours. We wake up more refreshed and naturally energized.

At the end of the day, according to your time preference, the Bedtime reminder melody will gently remind you to start your evening bedtime routine. Create a daily ritual and use it as a way to unwind and unplug.

Background sounds for relaxation

Mudita Harmony will help to create your offline, bedtime routine with soothing music, nature and ambient sounds. You can use these sound compositions to relax or simply as a background accent for falling asleep. We also added white noise sounds to help parents put their kids to sleep or simply for anyone that likes to fall asleep to humming sounds.

Surround yourself with top-quality sounds

Wake up and unwind with beautiful and pleasant melodies

As with our Mudita Pure, we also used sounds and melodies recorded acoustically by our dear friend, a Canadian musician, Nick Lewis. He used a variety of instruments including a guitar, ukulele, Tibetan bowls, koshi bells. We also added pleasant melodies designed for a peaceful wake-up.

Start your day with nature sounds

Mudita Harmony also features a collection of nature sounds, prepared by a famous Polish nature sound artist, Marcin Dymiter. The collection of sounds features audio landscapes from Mudita's country of origin, Poland. You can choose to set them up as your alarm tone.

Experience the sounds

Delightful Morning

High-quality speaker

To make our custom sounds and melodies sound crisp and clear on our device, we equipped it with a small, but high-quality speaker, something which is hard to find in small alarm clocks. The 3W speaker, allows us to fully experience the custom-composed sounds. Mudita Harmony’s sound is clear, natural, and undistorted. It’s actually the best quality speaker we were able to find in an alarm clock. If you can find one that's better, please let us know.

Let soothing sounds be the first sounds you hear upon waking up and the last ones you hear before falling asleep.

Meditation timer

It is another simple, yet useful feature for meditation enthusiasts. You can select the length of the desired meditation session, the number of intervals, which will then start and end with a deep gong sound.

Recharge with a power nap function

Use the power nap function, for a short refreshing period of light sleep

Power naps are known for their restorative properties to recharge during the day. Studies by NASA[1] in 1995 found that a 26-minute power nap boosted performance by 34% and alertness by 54%.

Other studies[2] indicate the best nap length to be between 10 to 20 minutes, but in general, they shouldn’t be longer than 30 minutes. This provides restorative sleep without drowsiness after waking.

Fully customizable experience

Simple and intuitive to use, yet with a wide range of settings, so you can configure it the way you love to use it and customize each aspect of your wake-up routine.

  • Alarm

    - Time - Tone & Volume - Light on/off

  • Pre-wake-up

    - Time - Tone & Volume

  • Snooze

    - Time - Tone & Volume

  • Bedtime reminder

    - Time - Tone & Volume

  • Power nap

    - Length

  • Meditation timer

    - Length - Intervals

Open-source operating system with software updates

Software updates thanks to Open-Source MuditaOS

Mudita Harmony shares the Mudita Pure's operating system - MuditaOS, meaning  that we’ll be releasing software updates to add improvements and functions based on the feedback we will collect. 

You’ll also be able to upload your own audio content.

Software update

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