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Mudita Center is privacy-focused - it will not store nor share any contact details or any other data with Mudita nor any third parties. It is also open-sourced for transparency and available for all three major operating systems - Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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Backup & restore Pure's data

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Mudita Center 2.3.0 - Release date - 23.05.2024

We're excited to introduce the new features and improvements in Mudita Center 2.3.0. This update brings multidevice support, enhanced functionality, and numerous bug fixes for a smoother experience.

  • Added

    • Multidevice Support: You can now connect and manage multiple Mudita devices simultaneously within the Mudita Center application.

    • Harmony Identification by Color: Devices can now be identified by their color.

    • Device Notifications: Receive notifications when a new device is connected.

    • Device Switching: Easily switch between connected devices.

  • Improved

    • Removed 'Disconnect' Button: Simplified device disconnection process by removing the dedicated button.

    • Enhanced Error Handling: Improved notifications for connection errors, all consolidated into a single troubleshooting view.

    • Connection Handling: Resolved issues with Mudita device connections by ensuring proper user group inclusion.

    • Updated Start Screen: Refreshed the start screen of the Mudita Center application for a better user experience.

  • Fixed

    • Mudita News Thumbnails: Resolved pixelation and aliasing issues on 1920x1080 resolution at 100% scaling.

    • VCF Import: Corrected the issue where VCF imports did not restrict file types.

    • No Search Results Background: Fixed the shrinking white background in the 'No search result' message.

    • White Screen on Ubuntu: Addressed the white screen issue when opening the app on Ubuntu.

    • Flickering Screen: Eliminated the flickering white screen during the first load of the News view.

    • Unexpected File Save: Fixed the issue where clicking Alt + Left Click saved the application as an index.html file.

    • Internet Connection Recognition: Ensured the app recognizes lost internet connections during device updates.

    • Upload Failure Notification: Corrected the missing 'Upload failed' popup.

    • Menu Item Animations: Removed unexpected animations from menu items.

    • File Selection Window: Fixed the 'Select file' window display issue on Linux Ubuntu.

    • Typo in vCard Extension: Corrected a typo in the vCard extension within the "Import contacts" modal.

    • Device Color Changes: Fixed the issue where the device color changed incorrectly in the overview tab during Restore or Backup.

    • Device Display Accuracy: Corrected the display of black Harmony 2 devices, previously shown as grey in the overview.

    • Help Report Sending: Fixed the issue where Help Reports were not sent, resulting in an infinite sending loop.

    • Text Errors: Corrected the text error in "MuditaOS v*** was downloaded".

    • WebFrame Issue on Ubuntu: Resolved the white screen issue when opening the app on Ubuntu.

    • News Header Overlap: Fixed the overlapping issue of news content with the Mudita News Header.

    • Password Entry Issue: Corrected the issue of two dots appearing after pressing F1, F2, etc., while entering the password.

    • Outdated Copyright on macOS: Updated the copyright information.

    • Contact Search List Highlight: Fixed the issue where the gray highlight moved faster than the scroll tool on the right side of the contact search list.

Mudita Center 2.2.8 - Release date - 07.03.2024

This version of our desktop application improves the processes of uploading audio files to a Mudita Harmony and synchronizing contacts with a Mudita Pure.

  • Changed

    • We have removed Mudita Center's upload limit of 100 files for the Mudita Harmony's Relaxation mode. Now, you can upload as many songs as you can fit in the available storage space on your Mudita Harmony.

    • To prevent contact duplication and address the problem of endless synchronization during contact editing, we have implemented a validation process to ensure all contact numbers are unique.

Mudita Center 2.2.7 - Release date - 11.12.2023

This release of Mudita Center addresses two issues present in previous versions.

  • Fixed

    Update Issue Resolved: Fixed a bug that was causing problems when updating from version 2.2.5 to 2.2.6 on Windows systems.

    Terms of Service Links: Corrected an issue where clicking links in the Terms of Service was not functioning correctly, leading to problems with opening additional Electron windows.

Mudita Center 2.2.6 - Release date - 30.11.2023

We're excited to announce the release of Mudita Center 2.2.6, which brings a host of significant updates and improvements.

In this release, we've focused on upgrading our key dependencies to their latest versions. We've also streamlined the project by removing unnecessary dependencies. This results in a more efficient and cleaner project structure. Alongside these enhancements, this release includes various minor fixes and optimizations aimed at boosting the overall stability and user experience.

  • Improved

    Electron: Upgraded to the latest version 26.0.0 for enhanced performance.

    Node.js: Now running on version 18.16.1, offering improved stability.

    Chromedriver: Updated to version 116.0.0, ensuring better compatibility.

    Jest: Stepped up to version 29.0.0 for more reliable testing.

    React: Advanced to version 18.2.0, providing a smoother user interface.

    TypeScript: Upgraded to version 5.2.2 for improved coding efficiency.

Mudita Center 2.2.5 - Release date - 24.11.2023

In this update, we've enhanced the integration between Mudita Pure and Mudita Center, ensuring a smoother connection after MTP is disabled. Additionally, we've updated the Outlook import feature to display Mudita Center as a verified publisher.

Mudita Center 2.2.4 - Release date - 27.10.2023

In this release, we've improved the status badges for updates in the Mudita Center app and MuditaOS. Additionally, we resolved an issue where a secondary phone number remained visible even after being deleted.

Mudita Center 2.2.3 - Release date - 12.10.2023

In this update, we concentrated on fixing bugs and enhancing the overall user experience in the Mudita Center application.

We've resolved 6 key bugs across multiple features, detailed below:

  • Changed / Improved / Fixed

    Contacts: Resolved an issue causing connection disruption during the deletion of numerous contacts. Enhanced the preview of search results when looking for contacts within the Contacts and Messages sections.

    Backup: Corrected issues related to creating device backups and switching devices.

    File Manager: Fixed a bug where Mudita Center did not halt the file transfer upon device disconnection. Introduced the ability to cancel file uploads if the selected number of files exceeds the Mudita Harmony upload limit. Implemented a feature to upload only supported files, preventing the interruption of the process when unsupported files are included in the selection.

    UX/UI: Improved the formatting of headlines in the News section. Modified the connection error process for increased user-friendliness. Updated text within the contacts import process for enhanced intuitiveness.

Mudita Center 2.2.2 - Release date - 28.09.2023

In this update, we improved the handling of the onboarding process when connecting a Mudita Pure phone to the Mudita Center application for the first time.

Mudita Center 2.2.0 - Release date - 26.09.2023

In this update, we add the ability to manage the order of templates. Moreover, we've successfully addressed 8 bugs across various features.

Here's a comprehensive rundown of the improvements:

  • Changed / Improved / Fixed

    Templates: Added the ability to manage the order of templates.

    Help: The process of sending tickets to Customer Support has been improved. Updated the content of instructions.

    Contacts: Fixed the problem of not being able to add phone numbers with prefixes to contacts from the messages view.

    Backup: Improved validation of backup passwords.

Mudita Center 2.1.0 - Release date - 29.08.2023

In this release, we focused on bugfixes. We have resolved 22 bugs that previously occurred in the Mudita Center application.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of what's new and improved:

  • Changed / Improved / Fixed

    File Manager: Improved the mechanism for calculating memory space taken for each section after uploading music files to the device. Fixed an issue that didn't allow uploading more than 100 files to the Harmony

    Contacts: Fixed an issue causing deleted messages and contacts to be displayed.

    General: Improved the Pure's low-battery communication with Mudita Center. Resolved an issue with incidental connection problems with the Mudita Harmony.

    Passcode: Fixed the passcode lock that triggers after three wrong entries.

    Templates: Fixed an issue causing the template deletion status window to close without approving any of the actions. Fixed a problem with displaying templates that contain blank lines.

    UI/UX: Sequential update download paths have been streamlined for the Mudita Pure and Harmony. Fixed the consistency of Harmony battery status icons with the icons displayed in Mudita Center.

    Update: Fixed a problem that caused the Mudita Center application update process to be interrupted by displaying a message about an available operating system update.

    Help: Fixed the display of articles in the Help section when the Mudita Center application is offline.

    About, Update: Improved the functionality of verifying available updates in the background when the Mudita Center application is offline and messages are displayed.

Mudita Center 2.0.2 - Release date - 31.07.2023

In this release, we have added the ability to read and accept the Privacy Policy during updating the Mudita Center application to the latest version, and also when the application is launched for the first time after the update. We have addressed a total of 13 bugs that were affecting our application.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of what's new and improved:

  • Changed / Improved / Fixed

    General: Added the ability to read and accept the Privacy Policy before updating the Mudita Center application to the latest version and the first time the application is launched after the update. Fixed an issue with the Terms of Use document not displayed on subsequent installations of the Mudita Center application on Linux. Fixed an issue with Mudita Center failing to reconnect to any device after the user disconnects the device when launching the application.

    Update: Fixed a problem with the update window disappearing before the upload of a new version was complete. Fixed a problem with missing proper communication after interrupting the update process by disconnecting the cable.

    File Manager: Fixed a problem with incorrect messages being displayed when file transfer is interrupted by disconnecting the USB cable. Fixed an issue allowing to avoid the limit of files that can be uploaded to Harmony. Fixed a problem with incorrect display of used storage space after deleting files in File Manager.

    UX/UI: Improved appearance of the scroll bar.

    Harmony: Improved communication to the user when using Mudita Center and Harmony without an Internet connection.

    Pure: Fixed an issue with not disappearing EULA lock in Center app when the user accepts Eula during onboarding on Pure device. Fixed problem with incidental application crashes after Pure connection.

Mudita Center 2.0.1 - Release date - 30.06.2023

In this release, our main focus was on bug fixes. We have addressed a total of 14 bugs that were affecting our application.

We hope these fixes enhance your overall experience with Mudita Center.

  • Changed / Improved / Fixed

    General: Improved the consistency of the behavior for the delete status popup.

    Contacts: Blocked the ability to add contacts with invalid phone numbers. Resolved an issue that was causing empty contacts to be created during the import process.

    UX/UI: Updated graphics are now available in the device update process.

    General: Fixed the issue that was preventing the Mudita Center application from running offline on the Linux operating system.

    Messages: Corrected the display of contact names in new message threads. Fixed the management of the order of templates.

    File Manager: Addressed a problem with the duplication of the upload window.

Mudita Center 2.0.0 - Release date - 29.06.2023

In this update, we've introduced some exciting enhancements and resolved numerous issues within the Mudita Center application.

Now, you have the ability to upload your favorite audio files directly to Mudita Harmony, providing a seamless listening experience. 

We've also turned our attention to fixing bugs, rectifying 17 significant issues within the application.

We continue to strive for excellence, and your feedback plays a crucial role in this process. Thank you for being a part of the Mudita community.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of what's new and improved:

  • Changed / Improved / Fixed

    File Manager: You can now upload music files to Mudita Harmony, further enriching your Harmony experience. Fixed an issue where pop-up notifications incorrectly displayed information about file deletions.

    Contacts: Resolved an issue where contacts imported from a SIM card weren't visible in Mudita Center.

    Overview: Rectified an issue that caused an inaccurate display of signal range for Mudita Pure without a SIM card. Enhanced the handling and display of long backup paths in the backup summary pop-up.

    General: Streamlined the search mechanism across all applications for a more efficient experience. Resolved a problem with the operating system incorrectly displaying the device name. Fixed an issue preventing Mudita Harmony updates when memory was full.

    UI/UX: Revamped the design of labels within the message application for better readability.

    Help: Fixed a problem to ensure reports are automatically assigned to the correct device (Mudita Pure or Mudita Harmony).

    Backup: Enhanced the message that appears when attempting to backup on a device with full memory.

    Sequential Update: Refined the sequential update process for Mudita Harmony, particularly in instances where the onboarding process wasn't completed.

    Messages: Fixed an issue with the app displaying messages that have been deleted on Mudita Pure. Resolved an issue preventing the deletion of an empty message thread.

    News: The news section has been updated with the latest publications, keeping you up-to-date with all the newest information.

Mudita Center 1.7.0 - Release date - 27.02.2023

  • Added


    • Added sequential update functionality.

    • Added message that the device cannot be updated if there is no available storage.


    • Appropriate notification has been added if an incorrect password is entered for the backup file.


    • Added a serial number preview for Harmony.

  • Fixed


    • Fixed a problem with erroneous communication about the failure of an update despite its successful completion.

    • Fixed a problem with the inability to initiate an update at 40% battery level.

    • Fixed an issue with the synchronization of Pure data with Mudita Center after the Pure upgrade from version 1.4.0.

    • Fixed an issue with the non-standard behavior of the progress bar during an update.


    • The backup password policy updated.


    • Design fixes.

Mudita Center 1.6.1 - Release date - 27.10.2022

In this release, we focused on bugfix. We have fixed 18 bugs occurring in our application.

  • Fixed


    • Fixed the problem of showing the data section when the phone is disconnected during restore.


    • Fixed problem with selecting contacts to import from Google with a large contact database.


    • Fixed an issue with forcing an update to the required version of Mudita Center.


    • Unified the process of starting new threads for saved and unsaved contacts.

    • Fixed an issue with an erroneous message when trying to delete a message during sending.


    • Added or improved translations in the Mudita Center application.


    • The ability to close the delete progress model has been removed.


    • Fixed an issue with the inability to send crashdumps from Harmony to support.

    • Fixed problem with the missing message of logs send completed successfully.

    • Fixed problem with missing message after failed log uploads.

    • Added formatting of text from crashdump report sent by contact support.

    Files Manager:

    • Fixed problem with different file size calculations for file list and music section.


    • Fixed handling of displaying long paths of backup locations.

Mudita Center 1.6.0 - Release date - 03.10.2022

In this release, we added the Music Files Manager, with the ability to add music files to the Pure via Mudita Center. We have provided the ability to view added files and the ability to check the overall and free space. This release requires an update of Mudita OS to version 1.4.0.

  • Added

    Files Manager:

    • Ability to transfer music files to Pure using Mudita Center.

    • Functions for searching files by name.

    • Options for viewing files uploaded to Pure.

    • The function of deleting uploaded music files from Pure.

    • Possibility to check the overall and free space.

Mudita Center 1.5.3 - Release date - 04.10.2022

In this release, we have added sending status for the messages, also search functionality to the Messages app. In addition, we added a limit on the number of characters entered when entering contacts. We fixed 13 bugs in our application.

  • Added



    • Sending
      status for the message.

    • Message search functionality.


    • Formatting to a text field in the customer support modal.


    • Limit of 32 characters when entering contact data.

  • Fixed



    • Fixed a problem with de-selecting multiple messages after canceling the delete action.

    • Fixed handling of long texts in the message search field.


    • Fixed the display of long telephone numbers.

    • Fixed an issue with the ".vcf" extension not being displayed with contacts exported from a VCF file.

    • Fixed a problem with displaying the wrong import progress percentage.

    • Fixed an issue with the inability to import contacts containing more than one email address.

    • Fixed the button -

      Deselect all contacts

    • Fixed an issue with the application crashing in the contacts section when a large number of contacts are saved.

    • Fixed an issue with contacts not being displayed without a number in Mudita Center.

Mudita Center 1.5.0 - Release date - 12.08.2022

In this release, we have added message template features to the Messages app. When sending messages, you can use a predefined list of templates. In addition, we added, the ability to create new templates, edit existing ones, or delete them. Moreover, we added statuses unread, and fail status to the message. We also added the option to share contacts in a message and the ability to view and search contacts. We fixed 9 bugs in our application.

  • Added


    • Notifications to update operating system before using Mudita Center application.


    • Markings for unread messages.

    • Notifications about new messages at the main menu.

    • Ability to change read/unread message stats.

    • Possibility to add messages templates.

    • Notifications about new messages while message thread is open.

    • List of predefined message templates.

    • Automatic message updates in Mudita Center.

    • Possibility to delete templates one or more at once.

    • Possibility to edit templates.

    • Possibility to attach template to a message.

    • Fail status of message sending.

    • Ability to delete multiple message threads at once.

    • Possibility of resending a message which sending failed.

    • Possibility to delete a message in a thread.

    • Notifications when a new message coming.


    • Ability to view and search contacts.

    • Ability to share contacts in a message.


    • We added the option to send user email & descriptions along with the crash dump reports.



    • Fixed problem with autoscrolling to new messages.


    • Design fixes.

    Mudita News:

    • Fixed problem with loading articles in Mudita News section.


    • Fixed an issue with an incorrect message about the time it takes to re-enter a password after an incorrect password entry.


    • Fixed problem with Mudita Center crashing after Harmony update.


    • Fixed issue with Mudita Center not displaying favorite contacts created on Pure.

    • Updated missing translations.

    Note: With the release of Mudita Center 1.5.0, we are ending support for Pure versions lower than MuditaOS 1.3.0. Updating Pure to version 1.3.0 is obligatory before using the application.

Mudita Center 1.4.2 - Release date - 28.07.2022

In this release, we have fixed a problem with the synchronization of Mudita Center version 1.4.1 with Pure.

Mudita Center 1.4.1 - Release date - 29.06.2022

1.4.1 has the same scope as 1.4.0, we released it due to the minor issue with the version name in 1.4.0.

Mudita Center 1.4.0 - Release date - 24.06.2022

In this release, we added the possibility to send messages longer than 115 characters. Furthermore, we fixed 5 bugs in our system.

  • Added

    Messages: Ability to send messages longer than 115 characters.

  • Changed

    General: Updated dependencies and storybook version.

  • Fixed

    Pure: Fixed problem with Pure reconnecting to the Mudita Center after it was disconnected.

    Contacts: Fixed problem with importing contact database without Polish characters.

    Messages: Fixed issue with the scroll bar flashing in the news thread.

    Harmony: Fixed the process of synchronizing Mudita Center with Harmony.

Mudita Center 1.3.1 - Release date - 09.06.2022

In this release, we have renewed the certificates of the Mudita Center application for Windows.

Mudita Center 1.3.0 - Release date - 12.04.2022

In this release, we added an option to preview the status of Pure's data synchronization with the Mudita Centre app. Furthermore, we added small UI improvements.

  • Added

    Overview: Preview of Mudita Center sync status with Pure. Preview Pure serial number in the Overview section.

    Contacts: Edit and export option to drop-down at the main contacts view.

    UI/UX: UI update (font, styles, buttons, hover with tooltip on icons).

Mudita Center 1.2.0 - Release date - 28.03.2022

In this release we improved Pure’s data refresh in Center, creating a new backup requires a secure password. Furthermore, we fixed 18 bugs in our system.

  • Added

    Backup: Backup is protected with secure password.

    General: Pure’s data refresh in Center improvement.

    UI/UX: UI update (grid, colors).

    Help: Ability to collect logs from the update process. Information about crash dumps in logs.

  • Changed

    Tech: Updated Husky and other dependencies version. New structure rules - Help section.

  • Fixed

    Contacts: Fixed problem with reading large .vcf files. Fixed problem with Mudita Center not behaving properly when trying to import contacts from Google.

    General: Fixed issue with the display of Crash Dumps. Fixed Pure sync issue with Mudita Center on Windows 10 and macOS.

    Harmony: Fixed problem with displaying data after restore. Fixed problem with incorrect device name being displayed after low battery prompt.

    Privacy: Fixed problem with displaying user data in Center log files.

Mudita Center 1.1.1 - Release date - 03.12.2021

In this release we have added contact preview function during the import process. Furthermore, we fixed 17 bugs in our system.

  • Added

    Contacts: Contact preview function during the import process, starting with the second name.

  • Fixed

    Overview: Fixed problem with displaying the Overview section of the device despite its disconnection. Fixed problem with incorrect display of phone's network status.

    Contacts: Fixed problem with importing contacts without phone numbers. Fixed issue with duplicate contacts when importing from two sources. Fixed problem of not being able to save a contact without a phone number.

    Messages: Fixed problem of not displaying the latest messages in threads. Fixed problem with displaying deleted threads.

Mudita Center 1.1.0 - Release date - 01.12.2021

1.1.0 has the same scope as 1.1.1.

Mudita Center 1.0.0 - Release date - 23.11.2021

In this release, we have improved the functionality of the Messages application by adding options to create a message, send a message, and the ability to view the sender of a message. We have also added the ability to backup and restore Pure Phone. In addition, we added an onboarding process for Harmony, also the possibility to check the latest updates and the option to update Harmony via Mudita Center. Moreover, we improved the Overview section for Pure. We fixed 33 bugs in our application.

  • Added

    Backup/restore: Ability to Pure’s backup. Ability to Pure’s restore.

    Messages: Preview of message author. Possibility to create a message. Possibility to send a message. Messages refresh.

    Harmony: Onboarding process. Option to check information about newest Mudita Harmony OS update. Possibility to update Mudita Harmony OS.

    Overview: Preview to Pure Serial Number and SAR info. Preview to Pure’s color when device is connected.

    Contacts: Functionality to preview contacts to be imported sorted by last name.

    Security: Information on how long the user should wait with another attempt to enter the password, after an incorrect entry. Option to contact with support.

  • Changed/Improved

    Changes in legal documents ( License, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy).

    Update Backup/Restore EP documentation.

  • Fixed

    Contacts: Fixed issue with the contact name not being displayed on the message page. Fixed issue with the ability to create a contact without a phone number.

    Messages: Fixed issue with the message not displaying in the message section when it is empty. Fixed problem of not being able to access the Message Options menu. Fixed issue with messages that continued to appear in Mudita Center after deletion on Pure.

    UI/UX: Design fixes. Fixed images on the Onboarding screen.

    Factory reset: Fixed problem with factory reset not working.

    Help: Fixed the functioning of the Help section in the application.

    Tech: Fixed bugs on the technical side of the application.

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