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Terms and conditions


    1. The Terms and Conditions have been implemented by Mudita sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw (02-607), ul. Jana Czeczota 6, entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, entry no. 0000467620, Tax Identification Number: 525252558282 and Statistical Identification Number: 14676767613, share capital of PLN 1 040 000,00 (hereinafter referred to as Mudita).

    2. The Terms and Conditions specify the rules of using the Website and providing services by means of electronic communication through the Website. To use the Website it is required to accept all provisions of the Terms and Conditions. By starting to use any functionality of the Website the User agrees to all its Terms and Conditions, thus undertaking to abide by them.

    3. In general matters related to the operation of the Website, Users may contact Mudita by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address: .

    4. Full use of the Website and its functionalities by the User requires access to the Internet and is possible by means of the following, properly configured, Internet browsers, in the version indicated below or newer:

      1. Chrome 76.0.3809.132;

      2. Firefox 69.0;

      3. Safari 12.1.2;

      4. Microsoft Edge 18.

    5. Capitalized words from Terms and Conditions are defined as follows:

      1. Forum – a part of the Website enabling Users to exchange information and opinions, in particular in the field related to the activities of Mudita. Such exchange of information and opinions may also involve persons appointed by Mudita;

      2. Account – the User's account that can be created by the User in order to use the functionalities of the Website and services provided through the Website, for which the creation of an Account is necessary. The User shall be granted access to the Account upon entering a login and password;

      3. Newsletter – a newsletter sent by Mudita to the e-mail address provided by the User, concerning the activities of Mudita. 

      4. Privacy Policy – terms and conditions defining the rules of processing personal data of the User by Mudita, available under the address:

      5. Terms and Conditions – the present Terms and Conditions available at: Terms and Conditions also constitute the terms and conditions for the provision of electronic services, referred to in Article 8(1)(1) of the Act on Electronic Provision of Services of 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 344);

      6. Website – the website available at, owned and administered by Mudita;

      7. On-line Store – an on-line store operated by Mudita, to which a link is available on the Website, and the use of whose services is determined by separate terms and conditions, available at;

      8. User – a natural person using the Website and/or services provided through the Website.


    1. The Website provides information about Mudita and its activities, as well as on the subjects related to Mudita’s activities. The Website is a source of information about Mudita's products, services offered by Mudita and its strategy and development.

    2. All statements made by the Website administrators, moderators and other persons in any way related to Mudita's business are not to be understood as official Mudita communications, unless expressly stated otherwise in their content.

    3. Through the Website Mudita provides services consisting in:

      1. distribution of the Newsletter - the Newsletter terms and conditions are located at the following address;

      2. providing access to the Forum and its functionalities, including the publication of content.

    4. In order to start actively using the Forum (understood as placing and publishing content sent by the User), the User shall be obliged to set up their Account with the Website by completing an electronic form available at the address

    5. In order to set up an Account in the manner specified in clause 2.4 above, the User is obliged to provide the following data:

      1. User's e-mail address;

      2. User's login;

      3. choosing a password by the User in accordance with the requirements specified in the electronic form intended for creating an Account.

    6. After performing the actions specified in 2.5 above, the User shall receive a message – sent to the indicated e-mail address – with a link activating the created Account . After clicking on the activation link, the Account shall be activated and the User will be redirected to the Forum.

    7. The User’s performance of the activities referred to in 2.4– 2.6 shall be tantamount to the User's acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

    8. Using functionalities of the Forum consisting in sharing and exchanging content is possible after the User has logged on to the Account.

    9. The User may remove their Account at any time. To do so, the User shall notify Mudita of their will to remove the Account by sending an e-mail to the address from the address assigned to the User Account.

    10. Users who do not have an Account and are not logged on to their Account have access to the Forum and the content published on it, but are not entitled to share and publish content. 

    11. If the User creates an Account in the Website and then decides to use the services offered by the On-line Store, this Account shall also be used to use the services of the On-line Store. Before using the services of the Internet Store (at the stage of the purchase process), the User shall provide additional data. The above requirement is regulated by terms and conditions of the Internet Store.

    12. Personal data of the User obtained by Mudita through the Website shall be processed for the purposes and in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


    1. It is forbidden to publish on the Website illegal content, content offending to public decency, infringing the rights or goods of third parties, including intellectual property rights and personal rights, as well as untrue content that may harm other Users, harm Mudita's business and reputation, or may adversely affect the security of the Website's operation.

    2. In the event of a breach of the provisions of 3.1 above, Mudita shall be entitled to temporarily block or permanently delete (at its discretion) the Account of the User who has committed such a breach.

    3. The User shall be fully responsible for the content posted by them on the Website (including posts and comments); as well as for any damage caused as a result of violation by the User of generally binding legal regulations or provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

    4. The User is aware of the risks associated with the Internet, such as the possibility of infecting with a computer virus or unauthorized access to the User’s Account and the damage that may arise from this. Therefore, the User is obliged to protect the logging data against obtaining them by third parties, including not disclosing them to such persons.

    5. Should the User become aware of any information about the occurrence or possibility of threats referred to in 3.4 above, they must immediately notify Mudita by sending a message to the following e-mail address: .

    6. Mudita shall take every effort to ensure the continued operation of the Website to the best of their ability. However, Mudita reserves the right to interrupt the operation of the Website, in particular in connection with technical work on the Service, or possible breakdowns. Mudita shall not be liable to Users for any inactivity or interruption in the operation of the Website.

    7. Mudita informs that, should the equipment or network used by the User fail to meet the requirements of the Terms and Conditions, as well as other problems or technical limitations arise from the use of such equipment or network, they may limit or prevent the User's access to the Website or adversely affect the quality and continuity of providing services by means of the Website.

    8. Mudita is not responsible for the content of any sites or Internet portals that were linked in the Website and that are not owned or operated by Mudita.

    9. Mudita shall not be responsible for improper operation of the Website or provision of services contrary to the Terms of Conditions resulting from reasons beyond Mudita's control (e.g. force majeure or actions of third parties) and from the User's use of the Website or services in a manner inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions.


    1. The User has the right to lodge a complaint regarding the functioning of the Website.

    2. Complaints should be submitted electronically to the following e-mail address:

    3. The complaint should consist of at least the following information:

      1. User name (login) – in the case of complaints concerning the Forum's operation;

      2. User's e-mail address used for registering their Account;

      3. description of the subject matter of the complaint;

      4. a proposal on how to resolve the problem.

    4. Valid complaints shall be considered by Mudita within 30 (thirty) days from the date of their receipt. If the information and data provided in the complaint is insufficient, Mudita shall immediately call upon the User to supplement them, and the deadline for Mudita to consider the complaint shall run from the date of correct supplementation of such data and information by the User.

    5. Mudita shall respond to the User's complaint and shall contact the User with regard to the complaint writing to the User's e-mail address used for registration of their Account.

    6. The response to the complaint is the final outcome of the internal complaint procedure.


    1. For important reasons (such as, for example, a change in the law affecting the content of the Regulations, improvement in the protection of Users' privacy, security reasons or a change in Mudita's activities), Mudita reserves the right to amend these Regulations.

    2. Users will be notified of any changes to the Regulations by e-mail to the e-mail address assigned to the account at The new content of the Regulations will be available on the website In the event of non-acceptance of the content of the new Regulations, the User has the right to terminate the Account maintenance agreement at any time by deleting the Account or submitting to Mudita an appropriate statement, in any form, on termination of the Account maintenance agreement.

    3. The User will be notified by Mudita about the content of the amendment to the Regulations no later than one month before its introduction.

    4. Changes to the content of the Regulations apply to the User if he continues to use the Website after the date of entry into force of the changes to the Regulations.

    5. Changes to the Regulations are not: a change in the contact details of Mudita contained therein or a change in Mudita's data resulting from a change in the legal form of his business.

    6. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply, which, however, does not deprive consumers of the protection granted by the law of the country of their habitual residence, which cannot be excluded under the Regulations, if the provisions in force in such a country are more favorable to the consumer. than the regulations in force in the Republic of Poland.

    7. The law applicable to the resolution of any disputes arising from these Regulations is Polish law.