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Our steps towards a conscious and positive relationship with technology

  • Mudita Harmony 2

    Mudita Harmony 2Available

    Mudita Harmony 2 is a stunning, contemporary device, which combines the best of both worlds - a sleek and minimalist design with a comforting analog feel in a gorgeous Charcoal Black color. Its presence in your bedroom is like a gentle whisper of peace, allowing you to unwind and settle into restful sleep. Designed with mindfulness in mind, we've made sure that using Mudita Harmony is as effortless and approachable as possible. 

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  • Mudita Bell 2Available

    Mudita Bell 2 is a minimalist offline alarm clock which embraces the beauty of a quartz mechanism, inviting you to savor the blissful moments of being unplugged. 

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  • Mudita HarmonyAvailable

    Mudita Harmony is your sleep companion which helps you establish healthy bedtime habits, improve the quality of your sleep, as well as bring you a sense of calm. Remove your phone from the bedroom and wake-up to carefully crafted sounds without all the unnecessary distractions and information overload.

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  • Mudita BellAvailable

    A minimalist alarm clock, built to embody simplicity and offline tranquility. Pleasant analog feel, beautiful design and high-quality alarm sounds for a gentle and stress-free wake-up. Unplug and embrace each day with Mudita Bell.

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  • Mudita MomentAvailable

    A minimalist, automatic watch to enjoy your mindful time. Modern, unisex design. Self-winding, battery-free mechanism. Carefully selected components. Interchangeable one-click straps made of vegan, plant-based materials. The additional analog breathing feature - amazingly simple yet powerful tool to help you restore your tranquility.

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  • Pure grey e-commerce

    Mudita PureNow in Outlet

    A modern take on a classic feature phone. Pure was created to support your conscious use of technology. We removed all of the unnecessary distractions and kept the essential functionalities. Enjoy no distractions, an eye-friendly E Ink display, long battery life, ultralow radiation and a few extra well thought out features.

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  • Mudita PauseAvailable

    The Mudita Pause is a mindfulness card deck, designed to create a moment of pause and deep focus in a world full of distraction and overstimulation. Immerse into stories about nature. Note the words of wisdom which come to your mind. Feel the structure of a premium, natural paper in your hand. Reconnect to the present moment.

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  • to change

    Mudita TogethernessAvailable

    Our sustainable clothing collection is a tribute to simplicity. It celebrates the power of clean lines, minimalism, quality and transparency. Speaks through tranquility, uncomplicated words, honesty. Made to last, of 100% pure organic cotton. Discover our unique line of cosy sweatshirts and minimalist T-shirts.

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  • Nick Lewis - Halfway To The BeginningAvailable

    We love great music and chose to manifest our values in the best possible form - a music album. We were lucky to meet an incredibly talented and wise Canadian musician, Nick Lewis. We helped him to record and release his debut album which perfectly describes our principles.

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