Our steps towards a conscious and positive relationship with technology

Nick Lewis - Halfway to the BeginningReleased

We love great music and chose to manifest our values in the best possible form - a music album. We were lucky to meet an incredibly talented and wise Canadian musician, Nick Lewis. We helped him to record and release his debut album which perfectly describes our principles.

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Mudita PureIn development

A modern take on a classic feature phone.

Pure was created to support your conscious use of technology. We removed all of the unnecessary distractions and kept the essential functionalities. Enjoy no distractions, an eye-friendly E Ink display, long battery life, ultralow radiation and a few extra well thought out features.

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Mudita BellIn development

Invite peace into your bedroom. Replace a smartphone with an alarm clock that gently wakes you up with pleasant sounds of acoustic instruments. Start every new day, in a great way. Air quality sensor will help you to create perfect conditions for healthy sleep and regeneration.

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Next stepsConcept

We’re working on a series of electronic devices that will be able to address different needs by putting your health and digital wellbeing first.

Join the discussion today and become a co-creator of the new generation of electronics.

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