Mudita Pure

Enjoy Life. Offline.

Your Minimalist Phone. Mindful design, essential functionalities, an eye-friendly E Ink display, a dedicated OS and ultralow SAR value.

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Our initiative against COVID-19

We asked ourselves, what we could do to help the healthcare sector during these difficult times. Together with the support of other companies and institutions, we launched the Breath initiative to help hospitals with the shortage of respirators.

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What's new

Blog: MuditaOS goes Open Source

MuditaOS goes Open Source - join the Developer Preview!

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Blog: GOOD DESIGN® Award

Our minimalist phone Mudita Pure won its third prestigious award in an international design contest.

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Forum: Join the discussion

Does your smartphone stop you from living in the moment? How do you limit the distractions?

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Mudita manifesto

We are a new kind of tech company. We care about freedom, joy and living in the present moment.

We believe that great things happen when we’re fully present. We’d like to find a deeper and more stable peace of mind, clarity and focus. We’d like to build authentic relationships.

Our mission at Mudita is to make products that bring balance and quality to people’s lives. We’ve reached a moment, where we refuse to be bombarded with more digital distractions, irrelevant information and excessive functionalities. Instead, we need to make space for discovering and embracing who we are and what makes us unique.


Gosia, our industrial designer, sketching the first shapes of Mudita Pure

"Most minimalist phones on the market are only inspired by the aesthetic of clean and simple design but Mudita Pure is a modern take on a classic phone that's all about intentionally helping people to do less."


"According to research cited by the phone's creators, 86% of phone users check their devices while speaking with pals. Just under a third are more interested in their smartphones than sex. By using the distraction-free Mudita Pure, you can return your attention to pals and lovers."


"MuditaOS is a beautifully designed E Ink mobile operating system. You might have come across the E Ink display with electronic eBook readers like Kindle or Nook. The E Ink display itself is soothing to the eyes and MuditaOS makes it even more beautiful with its minimalist approach."


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