Mudita Pure

Enjoy life. Offline.

Modern take on a classic phone. Enjoy no distractions, an eye-friendly E Ink display, long battery life, ultralow SAR value and the features you need.

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Blog: Featured Article

Michal, the founder of Mudita, tells his incredible story in a short video documentary that we produced.

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Blog: Latest News

We're introducing our new website, while preparing for the crowdfunding campaign.

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Forum: Hot discussion

What do you consider essential in a phone with the internet but with minimised distractions?

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Mudita manifesto

We are a new kind of tech company. We care about freedom, joy and living in the present moment.

We believe that great things happen when we’re fully present. We’d like to find a deeper and more stable peace of mind, clarity and focus. We’d like to build authentic relationships.

Our mission at Mudita is to make products that bring balance and quality to people’s lives. We’ve reached a moment, where we refuse to be bombarded with more digital distractions, irrelevant information and excessive functionalities. Instead, we need to make space for discovering and embracing who we are and what makes us unique.


Gosia – our industrial designer, sketching the first shapes of Mudita Pure

Product lineup

Nick Lewis album

Halfway to the beginning

  • Acoustic music
  • Uplifting lyrics
  • Represents our values
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Mudita Bell

Invite peace to your bedroom

In development
  • No smartphone in your bedroom
  • Healthy bedtime habits
  • E Ink screen
  • Air quality sensor
  • Pleasant tones by Nick Lewis
  • Meditation timer
Learn more

Mudita Pure

A modern classic phone

In development
  • Latest hi-res
  • E Ink screen (2
  • 84" 600x480)
  • Global coverage
  • Proprietary operating system
  • Ultralow SAR
  • Meditation timer
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Next step

Next generation E Ink device

  • Simplicity and reliability of a classic phone
  • Essential features of a smartphone
  • Ultralow SAR
  • Enhanced security and privacy
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