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Retail Wholesale Program

Expand your product selection with Mudita's minimalist alarm clocks and wristwatches known for their exceptional quality. Offer new price points that cater to diverse customer budgets. Place orders easily through our Support Team.

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  • Mudita Harmony 2

    Multifunctional alarm clock with E Ink screen. 

    A serene sleep companion helping promote healthy sleep habits – to fall asleep and wake up peacefully to thoughtfully crafted sounds, free from phone distractions.

    SRP: €199.99

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  • Mudita Bell 2

    Minimalist alarm clock, with a versatile timer function, light pre-wakeup feature and carefully selected acoustic tones and soothing nature sounds gently rouse you from sleep.

    Designed to embody simplicity and promote offline serenity.

    SRP: €96.99

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  • Mudita Moment NR

    An automatic watch that promotes well-being. Minimalist, modern design. Self-winding, battery-free mechanism. An additional analog breathing feature - an amazingly simple, yet powerful tool to help you restore your tranquility.

    SRP: €299.99

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  • Mudita Harmony

    End of series offer

    This initial version of the Harmony 2, identical in functionality to the latest model but now available at a reduced price. A perfect opportunity to experience this product while stocks last.

    SRP: €179.99 

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  • Mudita Bell

    End of series offer 

    The initial version of the Bell 2, now offered at a reduced price. This model does not include a numerical dial, timer, or voice notifications for battery charge level. Available while stocks last. 

    SRP: €89

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  • Mudita Moment

    The initial version of Moment NR, available without a numerical dial. This model comes in a broader color range and is now offered at a more attractive price.

    SRP: €269.99

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All 6 products mentioned above, as well as wristwatch straps, are available at wholesale prices based on the volume of an order.

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Mudita, headquartered in Poland, EU, adheres to both Polish and European Union law. For retailers we partner with, this specifically entails:

  • Issuance of a VAT invoice for every transaction, including the buyer's address and Tax ID.

  • Non-returnability of products if they are functional and delivered as ordered. See our warranty procedure

  • A 24-month warranty on all products, with a manufacturer's guarantee ranging from 12 to 24 months. Certain components, like batteries, have a 6-month guarantee. See detailed information

  • We ship wholesale orders to foreign resellers using customs procedures, which means that the retailer must complete customs formalities on their end to receive the shipment.


  • What pricing do you offer to Retailers or Distributors? Please contact our Support Team filling the form below. We will respond promptly with our wholesale price table. 

  • Can I get an extended payment term? We extend payment terms for partners who have a history of ongoing cooperation and consistently place large volume orders.

  • Can I turn your products back? You may return products that are malfunctioning, damaged, or have defects reported by your customers. However, we generally do not accept returns of operational products that did not meet sales expectations. To discuss exceptions to this policy, please contact our Support Team.

  • Who covers delivery costs of wholesale orders? It depends on the volumes you order and the history of our cooperation. Please contact our Support Team for further assistance.   

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