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Mudita Harmony – Happiness Edition

The ultimate companion on your path to lasting happiness

Now, when you purchase Mudita Harmony 2, you'll receive a curated set of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises from the Mindfulness by Mudita audio library for free. 

This limited edition is available only until 

December 31st 2023

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Choose happiness

Are you on a perpetual quest to find that elusive peace and joy which dance just beyond your fingertips? 

With Mudita Harmony -Happiness Edition you can infuse every moment of your life with happiness.

Although the search for genuine happiness is often multifaceted, numerous studies suggest that it’s rooted in not just external pursuits, but also our internal capacity to experience calm and joy. A capacity you can train for yourself. 

Let Mudita Harmony- Happiness Edition help you  to nurture and fortify your daily joy!

The Science of Happiness

Various scientific studies and findings have converged on several practices and behaviors which can significantly enhance your happiness.

  • Healthy sleep

    is scientifically linked to improved mood and a more positive outlook on life.

  • Mindfulness Meditation

    fostering a calm, balancing mind and promoting self-compassion, reducing anxiety, strengthening resistance to stress.

  • Genuine Relationships

    and engagement in acts of kindness results in a sense of belonging and fulfillment, trigger the release of happiness-inducing neurotransmitters, creating a positive feedback loop of joy and altruism.

Discover the Power of Happiness with Mudita Harmony – Happiness Edition

  • Soothing wake-up sounds

  • Meditation timer

  • Background sounds for relaxation

  • Bedtime reminder

  • High-quality speaker

  • E Ink display

Choose the vitality of proper sleep

Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of tranquility with no smartphones. Leave behind the disruptive blue light and the allure of notifications. Embrace serene nights and drift into peaceful slumbers, undisturbed. 

Mudita Harmony 2 can: :  

  • Consistently guide you to your bedtime, supporting a healthy sleep routine,

  • Ease you into rest with 12 soothing relaxation sounds, 

  • Gently awaken you with the touch of natural light and 17 harmonious alarms,

  • Offer clear time visibility at night through its e-ink display, softly backlit for undisturbed rest. 

Invite Mudita Harmony 2 into your bedroom. 

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Make mindfulness meditation a powerful, yet pleasant everyday routine

Let Mudita Harmony 2 accompany you through your everyday meditations ider with its handy meditation timer or one of 26 beautiful guided meditations inspiring your: 

  • self-love,

  • gratitude and optimism, 

  • presence and focus , 

  • regeneration. 

From our Mindfulness by Mudita audio collection, we've handpicked 25 enriching mindfulness exercises and guided meditations, thoughtfully curated to guide you on your journey towards enduring joy. 

Experience the exclusive audio library

Delightful Morning

Order your Mudita Harmony – Happiness Edition now.

Nurture your relationships & embrace presence with Mudita Harmony 2.

We understand the pull of the digital world and the FOMO that comes with disconnecting. However, deep, authentic interactions await beyond the screen. 

With Mudita Harmony 2, balance becomes effortless. The clear e-ink display keeps time within sight, while the intuitive timer respectfully signals when to re-engage with the digital world, ensuring you don't miss anything crucial.

Delight in undistracted moments with those who matter most, while maintaining the pulse of your online responsibilities.

Dive into real connections, supported by Mudita Harmony 2.

Choose Mudita Harmony – Happiness Edition.

Gift happiness, embrace peace, and dance to the timeless rhythm of inner harmony.

As the holidays approach, it's a time to cherish, reflect, and give gifts which truly matter. Mudita Harmony - Happiness Edition stands out as the perfect gift choice, tailor-made for those you hold dear. 

In an era where the clamor of daily life can often overshadow inner peace, gifting the Mudita Harmony - Happiness Edition is similar to offering a personal sanctuary. It's not just a product, but an invitation to embark on a transformative journey towards mindfulness, relaxation, and genuine happiness. 

Each curated sound and meditation within its library is a testament to care, love, and thoughtful introspection, making it an emblem of the holiday spirit. As the winter snow blankets the world outside, let your loved ones find warmth in the embrace of serene moments, inner growth, and peaceful awakenings. 

This holiday season, gift more than just an item; gift an experience, a path to holistic well-being, and a heartfelt reminder that happiness awaits from within.

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