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Mudita Center Privacy Policy

Privacy policy - rules for the processing and protection of personal data in Mudita sp. z o.o.

For the purpose of the implementation of the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), hereinafter referred to as "GDPR", we inform you about the rules of processing your personal data and about your rights related with it.

The following rules apply from June 22, 2021.

1. The controller of your personal data. The controller of your personal data is Mudita sp. z o.o., Jana Czeczota Street No. 6, 02-607 Warsaw, Poland, REGON: 146767613, NIP (Tax No.): 5252558282, entered into the entrepreneur register of the National Court Register by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register (KRS) under No.: 0000467620, share capital (fully paid) PLN 21 100 (hereinafter referred to as "We”, "Mudita"). Mudita distributes a desktop application called Mudita Center (hereinafter “Center”).

2. Contact details Mudita has set one contact point for all personal data issues. If you would like to contact us, please write us an e-mail to: or send a letter to: Mudita sp. z o.o., Jana Czeczota Street No. 6, 02-607 Warsaw with the note: "Personal data".

3. Where do we obtain your personal data from? Most of the data we receive directly from you. You provide us this data: a. By sending an e-mail or by contacting us through our profile on social networks, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc. b. During a conversation with the Mudita Staff c. By agreement for sending us data about errors that may occur while using Mudita Pure and Center. 4. What is the scope of data processed? We process your personal database exclusively on your consent (basis of Art. 6 sec. 1 letter. a of the GDPR). With your permission, Mudita will gain access to information concerning errors that may occur while using Mudita Pure and the Software. The aim of accessing such information is to fix errors and further develop the Mudita Pure device and the Software. Information accessed this way will be limited to diagnostic data, including the description of the error, type of operating system, version of the Software, and other technical data, as well as data containing the IP address of the computer that was used to check for Updates for the Software or the Mudita Pure device. No other data will be accessed by Mudita in connection with your use of the Software.

5. How long do we process your personal data? Until you revoke your consent, but no longer than 3 years. 6. Who is the recipient of your personal data? We do not sell your data. We may share your personal data with our employees and associates if it is related to the aim described in point 4 above. Mudita holds all copyrights and licenses for the Software. Certain elements of the Software use or contain software provided by third parties as well as other copyrighted material, which you are entitled to use as part of the Software in accordance with these Terms. The Software may also use certain services provided by third parties. However, before accessing any service, you will be asked to give your permission and accept the terms defined by the service’s provider. 7. How do we process your personal data? We process personal data in accordance with applicable law, in particular in accordance with GDPR. We have the following rules in mind when we process your personal information: a. Adequacy rule. We process only data that is necessary to achieve a given processing goal. We have carried out an analysis of the fulfillment of this rule for each business process; b. Transparency rule. You should have full knowledge of what is happening with your data. This document, in which we try to provide you with complete information about the rules of processing your personal data by us, is its manifestation; c. Accuracy rule. We strive to keep your personal data in our systems up-to-date and truthful. If you find that in some area your personal data have not been updated or are incorrect, please contact us at the email address; d. Integrity and confidentiality rule. We apply the necessary measures to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data. We are constantly improving them, along with the changing environment and technological progress. Security includes physical and technological measures restricting access to your data, as well as appropriate measures to prevent loss of your data; e. Accountability rule. We want to be able to account for each of our actions regarding personal data so that in the event of your inquiry we can give you full and reliable information about what actions we have been carried out on your data.

8. What rights do you have regarding the processing of your personal data? The provisions of law give you a number of rights that you can use at any time. Unless you abuse these rights (e.g. unreasonable daily requests for information), exercising them will be free of charge and should be easy to implement. Your rights include: a. The right to access your personal data. This right means that you can ask us to export from our databases the information we have about you and send it to you in one of the commonly used formats (e.g. XLSX, DOCX, etc.); b. The right to correct personal data. If you find out that the personal data we process is incorrect, you may ask us to correct it and we will be obliged to do so. In this case, we have the right to ask you for a document or proof of the change; c. The right to seek restriction of personal data processing. If despite the fact that we adhere to the adequacy principle, that is we process only data that is necessary to achieve a given processing goal, you consider that for a specific purpose we process too wide a catalog of your personal data, you have the right to request that we restrict (limit) the scope of processing. If the request does not oppose the requirements imposed on us by applicable law, or it is not necessary for the performance of the contract, we will accept your request; d. The right to request the erasure of personal data. This right, also known as the right to be forgotten, means that you can demand that we remove any information that contains your personal information from our systems and any other records. Remember, however, that we will not be able to do so if we are obliged to process your data under provisions of law (for example transaction documents for tax purposes, obligation to ensure the accountability of our activities). In each case, however, we will remove your personal data to the fullest extent possible, and where it is not possible, we will ensure their pseudonymization (which means that the data subject cannot be identified without a corresponding key). Allowing this, your data we need to keep in line with applicable law will be available only to a very limited group of people in our organization; e. The right to personal data portability. In accordance with the GDPR, you can ask us to port the data you provided to us in the course of all our contacts and all cooperation to a separate file, for the purpose of further transfer to another data controller; f. The right to withdraw consent. If we process your personal data on the basis of your consent, you can revoke this consent at any time. Withdrawal of your consent will not affect the lawfulness of the processing previously performed on the basis of the consent (prior to its withdrawal). However, we would like to inform you that your personal data in the scope of the purpose covered by the revoked consent will cease to be processed for this purpose only. Your personal data subject to consent will be further processed in order to fulfill our obligations under the law, including, in particular, the obligation to account for the correctness of personal data processing, or for the purposes based on our legitimate interest.

Unless you abuse the rights listed above (e.g. unjustified daily requests for information), using them will be free of charge and should be easy to implement.

You can perform the above-mentioned rights by contacting us at the e-mail address or by post on Mudita sp. z o.o., Jana Czeczota Street No. 6, 02-607 Warsaw, with the note "Personal data".

In all matters related to personal data, you can always write to us, especially when any action or situation you encounter raises your concerns about its legality or if you feel that your rights or freedoms may be violated. In this case, we will answer your questions and concerns and immediately address the issue.

If you believe that in any way we have violated the rules for the processing of your personal data, you have the right to submit a complaint directly to the supervisory authority (from 22 June 2021, it is the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection in Poland). As part of exercising this right, you should provide a full description of the situation and indicate what action you consider as violating your rights or freedoms. The complaint should be submitted directly to the supervisory authority. 9. Is it your obligation to provide your data? You provide your personal data voluntarily. There is no provision that would impose a legal obligation on you to provide it.

However, if you want to use our services, you must provide data that will allow us to conclude the contract with you, to perform it, to fulfill our legal obligations regarding due tax settlement, and to prepare documentation for the purposes of accountability of our activities.

Personal data provided for contact or marketing purposes is necessary for us to allow us to contact you or to carry out marketing activities that you agree to, or at least you do not oppose them. If we will be not provided with it, our communication with you will be either difficult (e.g. if you provide only your telephone number, but no e-mail address), or even impossible (if no contact details will be provided).