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Our initiative against COVID-19

We constructed a simple, portable and inexpensive ventilator to help hospitals with respirator shortages. If you would like to order Breath for your institution or help to fund the devices for hospitals that need them, get in touch with us.

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Breath Initiative

Our heroes need support

Hospitals around the world are becoming battlefields. Front-line doctors, nurses, and paramedics are struggling every day with the growing number of patients and lack of necessary medical supplies and personal protective equipment.

We couldn't wait any longer

The scale and the speed at which the virus is spreading is unprecedented, but so is the willingness to assist and solidarity with the healthcare sector. We've decided to construct a simple and inexpensive ventilator that would be helpful for patients with COVID-19.

In order to help and thanks to the involvement of other companies and institutions, we created the Breath initiative.

How does it work?

Breath, an intelligent AMBU bag

Breath delivers oxygen to a patient’s lungs, when the doctor, nurse or paramedic doesn’t have access to a professional respirator. Currently, hospitals don’t have enough equipment to help all of the patients and buying new respirators is difficult because of the high costs and limited accessibility. We decided to base the construction of our ventilator on the AMBU bag, sometimes known as a bag valve mask, a popular resuscitation and ventilation kit that is used in every hospital or ambulance. It can provide a patient with additional oxygen. 

An AMBU bag is a manual tool which demands that a doctor, nurse or paramedic press it rhythmically so that it works. With the growing number of patients suffering from COVID-19, it’s impossible to provide this kind of continuous assistance. Mudita came up with a mechanism that presses on the AMBU bag using special bellows and helps to deliver oxygen to the lungs. The medical practitioner doesn’t have to do it manually, they can set parameters, such as the air capacity or pressing frequency. We also added pressure sensors that monitor the whole mechanism and can report a potential fault. 

Production ready

We created a fully functional device and are now getting ready to obtain the necessary certifications to start mass production. We’ve also found the local partners that will help us to produce it.

Project participants

A conscious approach towards technology

Mudita have an experienced team of electronic and mechanical engineers who specialize in the development of electronic devices. We decided to initiate the Breath project. Thanks to the help of our partners with their unique knowledge and experience, it was possible to define the requirements and construct the prototype in just a few days. Right now we’re preparing Breath for production and distribution. We have contacted hospitals, public institutions and foundations so that Breath will be delivered to the people who need it most and help save the lives of patients with COVID-19.

Experience, knowledge and innovation

The foundation has existed for over 11 years, working mainly with educational and research projects in the field of medical and biochemical sciences. It promotes the development of Polish science locally and abroad, and supports initiatives related to healthcare. It’s flagship project is their research towards the 3D printing of a bionic pancreas that will enable people with diabetes to live normally. In the Breath project, the foundation is represented by a transplantologist, Ass. prof. Michał Wszoła, and Dr. Domink Drobiński, an anesthesiologist working with patients suffering from COVID-19. Their knowledge and experience in working with patients has been extremely useful at every stage of the project.

Project partners

Breath is possible thanks to the involvement of several companies, the leaders in their industries. They participate in the construction, mass production and share their expert knowledge.

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Special thanks to

Piotr Kuszneruk

Jarosław Traczyk

Krzysztof Małek

Jacek Głowiński

If you can help in the development of the project or your hospital needs support

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