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Mudita Launcher

Your digital well-being assistant for Android

Mudita Launcher helps you focus and use your smartphone in a more mindful manner. Limit notifications and arrange your Android apps in a way that reflects your daily routines.

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Focus your attention on what matters most

We wanted to create an Android launcher that helps you regain focus and declutter your phone. 

Mudita Launcher helps you limit mindless smartphone browsing by grouping your apps into intuitive spaces that reflect your daily routines and limit your phone usage. 

Give structure and meaning to how you use your smartphone through the day.

Organize your apps around schedules

Arrange your Android apps according to your weekly routines. Define what apps you want to use in the morning or when you want to unplug at night. 

Choose the apps that make you most productive at work, at school, or simply cut off any distractions when you want to focus.

Custom notification levels

Customize the levels of distraction your smartphone produces. Every schedule has its own adjustable level of allowed notifications.

Go from all visual and audio notifications, through calls and messages only, to a silence-notifications mode when all app and call notifications will be silenced.

Always-available apps

Choose the apps you always want to have at your fingertips. Select one to five apps that are always there no matter what schedule setting is currently active.

You will still be able to access all apps on your phone with just two taps!

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