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Mudita Space

A safe haven for your everyday online activities

A set of privacy-focused apps and services that help develop healthy habits while you get things done. Distraction-free UX, end-to-end encryption, and well-being features, that will enable you to be both - connected and present.

Made in the EU. Hosted in Switzerland on a fully carbon-neutral infrastructure.

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Mudita Space

Mudita Space consists of the following cloud services integrated with each other and created with digital well-being in mind:

  • Cloud storage

  • Messaging

  • Email

  • Calendar

  • Notes and to-dos

  • Contacts

Made in the EU. Hosted in Switzerland.

Our data centers are located in Geneva. When looking for an appropriate data center that would fulfill our needs we knew that Switzerland has to be the place since it is well-known for its Federal Act on Data Protection and political neutrality.

No ads, no targeting or fingerprinting - forever.

There are no profiling mechanisms, big data functions or advanced identification techniques to steal more information about people who use our services. At Mudita we treat you as customers, not users.

This also means that we won't scan your files (notes, pics, documents, etc.) in order to feed any AI algorithms that do machine learning on your data for shady undefined purposes. We gather only the information about our customers required to provide and improve the service and nothing more. That won’t be subject to change, ever.

End-to-end encrypted.

Even your Internet Service Provider or Mudita can’t see the data you're exchanging and storing. Everything from file and directory names, sizes, and other properties are encrypted or obfuscated.

Your contact list is not visible to the server and is stored encrypted in your own space. Furthermore, if a user shares a file with another user, the server can't deduce this relationship.

Built with well-being in mind.

The entire suite of Mudita Space apps is built with a focus on being distraction-free and building healthy habits when it comes to using smartphones and computers.

We put emphasis on a get-the-job-done UX and UI - only basic functions without feature overload. Mudita Space apps are created to deliver a more mindful usage of everyday apps, limit your screen time, and decrease multitasking.

No design “dark patterns” to steal your attention.

Mudita Space is designed to be convenient for you, not for our growth hackers (BTW we have none :). What we did with our user experience is exactly the opposite - we’ve designed these minimalistic apps in such a way that enables minimal screen-time and prioritizes real-life interaction over the online one.

Fully Open Source.

Open Source means transparency, quality, and cooperation. By opening our software ecosystem, we're giving the Open Source community the ability to take a look inside, tinker with it, and get creative with building new functionalities or customizing it according to their needs.

More eyes and hands on the code also equal more bug fixes and stronger code security.

Increase your peace of mind with privacy-focused apps and services that help develop healthy habits while you get things done online.

Mudita Space is in Open Beta. Store your files on an end-to-end encrypted cloud with Mudita Storage.

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