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When sleeping becomes a challenge.

Maintaining healthy sleep habits is more challenging than ever in this digital age we live in. Do you recognize any of these common sleep obstacles? If so, make sure to read further – we believe we can help you overcome them.

  • Excessive Smartphone Use in Bed

    Can’t sleep? The blue light emitted by your device’s screen disrupts your natural sleep cycle, and the temptation to scroll endlessly leads to poor sleep quality and a restless mind.

  • Irregular Sleep Patterns

    Inconsistent sleep patterns disrupt your body's natural rhythm, leading to fatigue and decreased productivity. Irregular nighttime routine can result from work stress, lifestyle choices, or simply from bad habits.

  • Poor Sleep Hygiene

    A lack of structured bedtime rituals and a calming space can result in a lack of comfortable slumber. Sleep experts say that a bed is for sleeping and intimacy only.

Harmony 2: Your Partner in Sleep.

Discover the transformative power of Mudita Harmony 2: an advanced alarm clock designed to tackle the most common sleep challenges head-on. With features that encourage relaxation, minimize digital distractions, and promote consistent sleep patterns, Harmony 2 is not just an alarm clock – it's a sleep companion.

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How Harmony 2 benefits your sleep

  • Bedtime reminder

    Use Bedtime Reminder to go to bed at a similar hour every night. A consistent nighttime routine improves the quality of your sleep and enhances your well-being.

  • Relaxation Library

    Replace evening scrolling with bedtime relaxation. Listen to nature sounds, melodies and color noises designed to lull you into deep sleep, or upload your favorite audio landscapes.

  • Meditation Timer

    Incorporate meditation into your evenings: choose the perfect length, a desired number of intervals, and let gong sounds guide you on a journey of inner peace.

  • E-Ink Display

    Harmony 2’s E-Ink display minimizes your blue light exposure at bedtime, helping your body prepare for sleep naturally and maintaining your circadian rhythm.

  • Gentle Wake-Up

    Set a positive tone for the day ahead. A custom front light simulates a sunrise, easing you out of sleep even before the audio alarm gradually – and reliably – wakes you up.

Customer Reviews

See what real users have to say about their Harmony experience.

"After years of searching, I finally found what I was looking for.I can fall asleep to the sounds of nature as I like, and the alarm turns off those melodies after a certain time with a timer, which is great! I wake up gently, first with a bit of light, and then a pleasant melody."


"The quintessential alarm clock. The pleasing shape catches the eye. The bold black numbers displayed in e-ink stand out in sharp contrast to the soft white background. Simple UI, bright front light, many customization options. Everything I ever wanted in an alarm clock. Harmony does not disappoint."


Bell 2: Minimalist Alarm Clock.

Mudita Bell 2 is a perfect choice for those seeking a traditional yet minimalist alarm clock. It combines the charm of analog design with modern features to enhance your sleep routine.

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Make Sleep Simple Again

  • Light-enhanced Evenings and Mornings

    In the evening, Mudita Bell 2 can serve as a subtle night light, while in the morning it provides a soft illumination that complements the audio alarm.

  • Soothing Sounds for a Natural Wake-up

    Experience a refreshing start to your day with soothing sounds of nature or calm acoustic melodies. From the gentle sea waves to the soft rustling of leaves.

  • Ascending Alarm for a Gradual Wake-Up

    A kinder, gentler wake-up with Bell 2’s ascending alarm. Starting softly and gradually increasing, it ensures you wake up in a more natural, less abrupt way.

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