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Mudita Adds Much-Loved Pebble Grey Color to Harmony 2 Lineup

Mudita Harmony 2

Mudita Harmony 2 is your serene sleep companion. Available in a velvety black hue, as well as Pebble Gray, in order to promote healthy sleep habits in style.

Warsaw, PolandMudita, a Polish technology company known for its innovative and wellness-focused products, is proud to announce the addition of a much-loved color to its Mudita Harmony 2 alarm clock line: Pebble Grey. This beloved color option is a testament to Mudita's commitment to combining style with functionality, offering a serene and sophisticated choice for consumers.

Mudita Harmony 2, initially launched in a Charcoal Black color, has been well-received for its features that promote healthy sleep habits and a mindful start to the day. The addition of Pebble Grey provides a new aesthetic choice that complements any modern bedroom decor while maintaining the product's core values of simplicity, elegance, and wellness.

Key Features of Mudita Harmony 2:

  • Soothing Wake-Up Sounds: A variety of gentle sounds to wake up to, promoting a peaceful start to the day.

  • Meditation Timer: A feature that supports mindfulness and relaxation practices.

  • Bedtime Reminder: Encourages consistent sleep schedules for better sleep hygiene.

  • E Ink Display: Minimizes blue light exposure, supporting better sleep.

  • Extended Battery Life: Ensures prolonged usage without frequent charging.

Michal Kicinski, the founder of Mudita, states, "The introduction of Pebble Grey to the Mudita Harmony 2 line reflects our dedication to providing products that are not only beneficial for health and well-being, but also aesthetically pleasing. We believe that this new color will resonate with our customers who appreciate a minimalist and tranquil design in their personal spaces."

The Pebble Grey Mudita Harmony 2 is now available for purchase through the Mudita online store. This addition marks another step in Mudita's journey to deliver products that enhance the quality of life and well-being of its customers.

For more information about Mudita Harmony 2 and the new Pebble Grey color, please visit Mudita’s online store

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About Mudita:

Mudita is a Polish technology company that focuses on creating minimalist, health-oriented devices and solutions. With a philosophy centered around digital well-being, Mudita aims to provide products that help people live more mindful and balanced lives in the digital age.

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