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As announced, Mudita starts fulfilling pre-orders of its next product. It is Mudita Harmony, an alarm clock that is designed to help you take care of better and healthier sleep.

Mudita, a Polish technology company, has started shipping the Mudita Harmony alarm clock to its first buyers. The new product was conceptually unveiled back in 2020 and was then available for pre-order from October 2021.

"Experts in the field of healthy sleep were involved in the development of Mudita Harmony. Thanks to them, our designers have defined the key factors that ensure a healthy and restful sleep. We've used this knowledge to create unique features that help you develop the right habits. A perfect example is the sleep reminder and progressive wake-up function. In addition, Mudita Harmony is equipped with additional elements such as relaxation sounds and meditations. Together they create a unique alarm clock, which is the answer to the needs of a conscious customer". - says Aleksandra Michalska, product manager at Mudita.

It turns out that you can define a number of elements that play an absolutely key role in improving sleep quality.

Factors affecting healthy sleep:

• Regular bedtime - going to bed at a regular time and waking up at a similar time is optimal for our health and well-being. An adequate amount of regular sleep allows us to maintain the proper circadian rhythm of our bodies. It affects immunity, digestion, proper heart function, and effective brain function, among other things.

• Exposure to light - especially blue light is one of the main factors that disrupts the circadian rhythm and deteriorates the quality of sleep. In order to prepare your body for a restful sleep, it is recommended to avoid exposure to light, such as that emitted by televisions or smartphones.

• Calming body and mind - putting your body into a restful state before bed, among other things, makes it easier to fall asleep. Any activity that helps you relax will have a positive impact on the quality of your sleep. Breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, or reading a book will work great.

• Gentle wake up - our body and mind are adapted to waking up gradually, among other things due to the phases of sleep. Therefore, a slower and calmer awakening allows you to better prepare for the day ahead, without the unnecessary and harmful effects of stress.

Functions of the Mudita Harmony alarm clock

Sleep hygiene is affected by many factors. Mudita has gathered knowledge about sleep and designed the Mudita Harmony, which combines a range of functionalities to meet the needs for healthy sleep.

• Bedtime reminder - through a soft sound, Mudita Harmony reminds each night that bedtime is approaching. In this way, it encourages you to put the phone away outside your bedroom and calm yourself before going to bed. Regularly falling asleep at the same time supports the circadian cycle and ensures that sleep is neither too short nor too long.

• Neutral backlight color - The E Ink screen, which was used does not emit light, so Mudita Harmony is not an additional source of light in the bedroom. The gentle backlighting of the screen at a light color temperature of 2700K with the touch of a button allows you to use the alarm clock without external lighting. The intensity and use of the backlight, for example during the alarm, is customizable for individual needs.

• Gradual wake-up system - gentle getting up is possible with three alarm elements that are fully configurable. A gentle sound and gradually increasing light, which is a signal of an impending wake-up for the subconscious mind. Main alarm with configurable volume and 17 melodies to choose from including soft instrumental tones, nature sounds, and Nick Lewis songs. Smart snooze regularly adding a short sound to prevent falling back into a deep sleep

• Audio Relaxation - Mudita has equipped the alarm clock with a high-quality speaker and a library of 12 melodies and nature sounds that allow you to both relax during the day and fall asleep peacefully at night.

• Meditation Timer - the practice of meditation is great for health and well-being as well as sleep. Everyone can try it thanks to the meditation timer added to Mudita Harmony. It counts down the length of your meditation session and adds gong sounds at several-minute intervals to remind you to come back to being here and now.

• Snooze timer - a quick but effective rest during the day is possible with a sufficiently short nap. The timer helps you to wake up quickly from a nap so that it does not last too long.

Additional Information:

Mudita Harmony not only features a unique E Ink display with soft backlighting but also has a high-quality speaker and a 2600 mAh battery, charged via a universal USB-C input. The alarm clock runs on the company's proprietary operating system, MuditaOS, which is open-source software. The alarm clock can be connected via a computer to the free Mudita Center app, where updates to the device will be available.

The device is currently only available through the online store in Community Pre-sale form - this means that the number of devices is currently limited, but they will be delivered to customers before the official launch.

This is the fourth product that Michał Kiciński's company has officially released in the last six months. Thus, Mudita Harmony joins the:

• Mudita Pure phone, created to support conscious phone use. Pure is equipped with only the necessary functionalities and does not offer internet access so that we can consciously limit the time we spend online

• Mudita Bell analog alarm clock eliminates unnecessary electronics from your bedroom and features pleasant alarm sounds.

• ​Mudita Moment automatic watch equipped with functionality for practicing breathing exercises.

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