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Industrial Designer

City:Warsaw, Hybrid, Poland


At Mudita we are looking for a curious and collaborative industrial designer to join our team. We are looking for problem-solvers with rigorous attention to details. Mudita is a different tech company, we want to make people’s relationship with technology healthier and we are creating a new team to shape the next generation of consumer devices, our design language and strategy. 

We’re interested in seeing work at all levels. Join us!

Please include a portfolio in your application.

📋 Key Responsibilities:

  • Design high quality consumer electronics.

  • Work closely with Principal Industrial Designer on Mudita’s design strategy.

  • Cooperate with Product Managers to bring products to the market.

  • Supervise and communicate design intention with external manufacturers.

  • Detail complete product experiences from purchase to unboxing, assembly and usage.

  • Define and maintain consistency of brand’s identity.

😎 Requirements:

  • A portfolio (pdf or online).

  • A body of work that has been produced or understanding of how it can be produced.

  • Deep appreciation for aesthetics.

  • Industrial Design degree.

  • Software skills in 3D and 2D as well as collaborative tools.

  • Empathetic approach. Be an advocate for the user.

  • Excellent communication skills. 

  • Full professional proficiency in English.

🚀 Nice to have:

  • Experience in designing consumer electronics.

  • Knowledge of molding technology and experience in 3D printing.

  • Proficiency in this software: Rhinoceros 3D/Fusion360/Solidworks paired with Keyshot. Adobe and Figma for 2D and collaborative work.

🙌 Cool working environment:

  • Hybrid work (at least 3 days/week in the office)

  • Flexible working hours.

  • Freedom and transparency.

  • Short decision-making process.

  • 26 days paid vacations and all public holidays (also on B2B contract).

  • Quality before deadlines approach.

  • Tasks tailored to the level of experience and interests.

  • Office location near Metro Racławicka.

🔍 About us

Mudita designs consumer electronics that help to bring BALANCE & QUALITY to people’s lives. Products which are as minimalistic as possible, which don’t scream for attention or overwhelm us with needless distractions.

At our office in Warsaw, we’ve gathered a dream-team of skilled professionals to design a series of mobile phones and other devices that will be launched worldwide. Our mission is to help people use technology in a healthy and mindful way.

We are one of a very few companies in Poland dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality consumer electronics, aimed at the international market, especially USA and EU. Some of our first, already released products, consist of, among others, the world’s only e-ink alarm clock, Mudita Harmony and Mudita Pure, a classic, e-ink phone, which has already received numerous prestigious design awards, such as the German Design Award, IF Design Award, A’design Award, and the Good Design Award. ⌚📱

Our goal is to create unique products featuring top notch minimalist design, in order to help us to live our life in harmony with modern technology. We strive to be independent thinkers, who are not afraid of introducing products which go against typical hot trends, highly promoted by the mainstream big tech companies. To achieve our objective, we rely heavily on custom-designed solutions, like our very own mobile operating system, MuditaOS developed in-house, from scratch, which we also made Open Source since transparency, openness and focus on the community is fundamental to Mudita's philosophy.

Our company culture is very open, with easy access to all decision makers, including Michał Kiciński, our founder, main shareholder and chairman. Michał is known for being the co-founder of CD Projekt, the leader of the gaming industry in Poland. Thanks to his support, Mudita can offer a secure and financially stable working environment, perfect for anyone who is serious about a long-term career in the tech industry.