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Best podcasts for sleep- Mudita Edition

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Are you seeking ways to improve your sleep quality and achieve restful sleep?

If you are tossing and turning, counting sheep, or perhaps scrolling through endless social media feeds in a futile quest for sleep, maybe it's time to try something different.

At Mudita, we're dedicated to helping you enjoy a good night's sleep with natural sleep remedies and sound sleep strategies.

This time, we’re here to guide you through the magical realm of sleep podcasts. 

Discover these sleep aid podcasts that promote healthy sleep habits and better sleep hygiene, ensuring you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Mudita Harmony 2

Mudita Harmony2

We know that podcasts, on all topics, have become all the rage in recent years. You’ve probably grown accustomed to listening to them on your smartphone or other digital devices. However, when it comes to sleep, they may not be the best choice as a bedside companion. 

But did you know that there are alternative options? That’s right! 

Picture this: you're cozily tucked in, your Mudita Harmony by your side, ready to whisk you away into the land of dreams with just the right audio backdrop. 

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and first, let’s go over a selection of the best sleep podcasts, each a unique lullaby, that promise to be the perfect night-time companions for your Mudita Harmony device.

1. Nothing Much Happens

Imagine a podcast where tranquility reigns supreme, and the biggest event might be a leaf gently landing on a pond. That's "Nothing Much Happens." Kathryn Nicolai, a yoga and meditation teacher, spins half-hour tales where calm is king, and excitement is pleasantly absent. It's like a warm hug for your ears, perfect for those nights when your mind needs a gentle nudge towards peace.

2. Slow Radio

Ever wanted to wander the streets of Venice or feel the crisp air of a Japanese winter night, all from the comfort of your bed? The BBC’s “Slow Radio” is your ticket to these experiences. It blends serene music with real-world sounds, creating a mesmerizing soundscape that’s the auditory equivalent of a slow, relaxing river flow. Just upload it to your Mudita Harmony and let the journey begin.

3. Get Sleepy

"Get Sleepy" isn't just a podcast; it's a mission to transport you to dreamland. Host Tom Jones, a connoisseur of sleep-inducing sounds, blends meditative sequences with stories that are akin to a gentle pat on the back, lulling you to sleep. What sets it apart is its science-backed approach and commitment to listener feedback, making it a community-driven lullaby.

4. Sleep with Me

Drew Ackerman's "Sleep with Me" is like that friend who tells long, winding stories that somehow make you smile even as your eyelids droop. The biweekly tales are quirky, often meandering into delightful randomness, perfect for distracting your mind from the day's worries. Think of it as a bedtime storyteller with a twist, now being played right from your Mudita Harmony.

5. Sleep Whispers

If the sound of a whisper is like a soft breeze to your ears, then "Sleep Whispers" is your go-to. Host Harris delivers a variety of content, from poetry to the most unexpected Wikipedia entries, all in a soothing whisper. It's like a secret shared between friends in the still of the night, creating an intimate atmosphere that's just right for dozing off.

6. Drifting Off with Joe Pera

Comedy and sleep might seem like strange bedfellows, but Joe Pera masterfully combines the two. With immersive sound, low-stakes conversations, and gentle humor, this podcast is like a bedtime story told by a friend who makes you giggle even as your eyes close. It’s a refreshing take on the sleep podcast genre, ideal for those who enjoy a light-hearted path to sleep.

7. Sleepy

Classic stories, anyone? "Sleepy" takes you back to the tales of yesteryears, with Otis Gray reading everything from Rapunzel to Oliver Twist in a voice that's like a soft blanket over your senses. It's a nostalgic journey to the land of nod, made even more special when played through the calming aura of Mudita Harmony.

8. 99% Invisible

While not a traditional sleep podcast, "99% Invisible" hosted by Roman Mars, weaves fascinating stories about the unseen impact of design in our world. His voice, as soothing as a gentle stream, turns each episode into an unintentional lullaby. It's a treat for those nights when you crave something intellectually stimulating yet inherently calming.

9. You Must Remember This

Delve into Hollywood's past with Karina Longworth in "You Must Remember This," where forgotten tales and legends are brought to life. It's a podcast that entertains and educates, all while providing a serene backdrop for your journey to sleep. Let the glamour of old Hollywood gently rock you to sleep, courtesy of your Mudita Harmony.

10. Send Me To Sleep

Finally, "Send Me To Sleep" with host Andrew, whose distinct voice is a blend of precision and hypnotic cadence. It's a mix of short stories and meditations that cater to the discerning listener looking for something a bit different in their nightly routine.

Final Thoughts 

With Mudita Harmony and Mudita Harmony 2, you're not just purchasing a mindful alarm clock; you're inviting a sleep sanctuary into your bedroom. Our unique devices allow you to upload your favorite custom audio into your Relaxation Library, including sleep podcasts, transforming your night-time routine into a personalized retreat from the world. 

Say goodbye to the blue light of smartphones and hello to restful nights filled with stories and sounds that soothe your soul. 

Welcome to a world where sleep is not just a necessity, but an experience. 

Sweet dreams!

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