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How to effectively deal with workplace burnout

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What are coping strategies for burnout?

In 2020, workplace burnout was added by the World Health Organization (WHO) to the latest version of the ICD-11 International Classification of Diseases, not as a typical disease, however, but as an occupational syndrome which significantly affects health. Just how big a problem is workplace burnout and how can we effectively combat its harmful effects? 

First and foremost, you should talk with your manager or supervisor about compromises or solutions which take into account your needs and boundaries. Speak openly about your requirements to your employer, and if you have the opportunity, take advantage of employee support programs.  

Additionally, take the following steps to destress and put your mental health back on track. 

Form a support network

Seeking support through social connections, especially "face-to-face" real-life interactions, is a natural antidote for stress. Spend more time with friends and loved ones and open yourself up to making new friends. If you find it hard to meet new people, join groups which are related to your interests or try a new hobby. For example, if you love animals, spend time volunteering at your local animal shelter. 


Sleep has been proven to help restore your well-being, strengthen the immune system, regulate blood pressure, in addition to improving many other processes which support our health. You can read about how sleep affects your productivity in an article on our blog.  

Take a break from technology

Since adults spend an average of 11 hours connected to technology, EVERY DAY, the struggle to unplug can be very real. However, just like with any device, being always connected and constantly “plugged-in” can drain YOUR batteries rather quickly. Sometimes, when things get to be “too much,” the best way to recharge is to try an offline strategy. Turn off all devices for at least an hour a day. Put aside your phone, laptop and try to be "here and now" instead of checking your email every 5 minutes.  Sometimes unplugging is the best way to recharge

Try mindfulness practice

Mindfulness is consciously focusing your attention on what you are feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. If you want to get started with mindfulness or meditation, check out Mudita Pause, our mindfulness card deck, designed to create a moment of pause and deep focus in a world full of distraction and overstimulation. 

Healthy diet & Exercise

Limit your intake of sugary foods and foods high in simple carbohydrates, which can cause a rapid increase in energy, followed by an even faster drop. Alcohol, nicotine or caffeine won't help you fight stress either.  Additionally, regular physical activity has a significant impact on reducing stress. It can also help take your mind off work. Why not take a walk, practice yoga, or perhaps go for a jog?

If you are looking to enhance the way your mind works in order to be more productive, effective and happy, you’re in the right place. Please check out similar articles featured on our blog and learn more about how to increase your concentration and boost productivity. 

To learn more about Mudita, take a look at our website and our other posts. Consider joining our FORUM Community where we discuss ideas and exchange information about all things connected to wellness and digital well-being.  

Check out the Mudita Store for a variety of unique and innovative mindful technology products that put your health and well-being first, which can help you deal with workplace stress. 

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