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Life without a smartphone in 2022

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Today, no one can imagine life without a smartphone. That’s because mobile technology has not only changed our lives, but in some form we have become slaves to it. Many of us can definitely notice the anxiety which may overcome us, when we forget to take our smartphone with us. We have this sense that we are losing contact with reality, resulting in panic. 

Sometimes, when we’re not calling, texting, or even waiting for an important call, we are still gripping the phone tightly in our hand, almost like a crutch. Often, the phone absorbs so much of our focus and attention that we forget about others, we forget to connect with those around us - because we are staring at a screen in front of our face. 

This brings us to an interesting question: Would you be able to survive a few hours, a day, a week - without a smartphone and the Internet?

These days, many people, especially young people, can't imagine life without a cell phone, or rather without a minicomputer with the Internet - because that's essentially what smartphones are today. Perhaps without smartphones they would not be able to do so many things! For instance, some individuals might think that it is not worth stopping to talk to a stranger, to ask for directions, since a smartphone comes with a GPS application. Why involve another person in our daily life struggles, when a mini computer can assist us in finding our way. 

If you’re like me, you might remember the world before mobile phones and the Internet? It's hard to believe that people didn't always have phones in their pockets. That's why pay phones were so important. And even before that, there were telephone operators who would facilitate long-distance and international calls. 

These days, it is not uncommon to see the whole family looking at their smartphones instead of talking to each other. Often even on the Christmas table - next to crockery and cutlery - lie the smartphones. Although the phone allows us to communicate quickly and effectively with anyone, anywhere in the world, in a way, it also takes away our ability to have a meaningful conversation. The type of conversation with eye contact and body language. The smartphone is present everywhere, and momentarily turning it off or leaving it at home can feel like part of us is missing. 

Even 15 years ago, owning a smartphone was something that wasn’t so common. Even though most people had mobile phones, they were usually not of the “smart” variety. They allowed us to stay in touch, but we still felt connected to the real world. That all changed when the iPhone launched in 2007. Today there are fewer and fewer people who do not use digital technology in some form. There’s no denying that the smartphone changed our life. Those mini supercomputers in our pockets make us feel almost self-sufficient. As if we don’t need anyone else to get things done. However, we must be careful, because excessive and mindless use of these devices can turn into an addiction.

How many people can actually endure a few days of a "digital detox," and live their life without a smartphone, social media or convenience apps? 

Spending time without digital technology allows you to control your tech habits and build a healthy relationship with technology. 

Can we take a break from digital technology and limit our screen time? 

Do you agree that the smartphone - a phone with internet and a huge variety of additional (sometimes useless) functions - violates our privacy, steals our solitude.... and thus - takes away our own thoughts? 

Join the conversation and let us know how you feel about the digitally saturated environment we live in? 

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