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Solid Progress, Full Steam Ahead

Summer may be coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere, but here, at Mudita, things are really heating up, as we move closer and closer to launching Mudita Pure. Over the past several weeks, we have completed various phases needed to prepare for production. We are not only encouraged by the progress we are making against the previously communicated timeline, but we are also motivated by the support of our Backers and the Mudita Community. We are laser focused on delivering Mudita Pure on schedule.

In this update you will find information on the progress of the production as well as some brand new photos and videos of Mudita Pure being used in real life. 

Body molding and production timeline

The form is currently being finalized and redesigned by the manufacturing partner according to our previously communicated feedback. Things are moving forward according to the production timeline and we are meeting all the new deadlines in order to deliver Mudita Pure this fall. 

Main Board Assembly

Components that will be used to assemble Mudita Pure on our internal 'pre-NPI’

Our manufacturing partner has started assembling the circuit boards necessary for the upcoming NPI, which is planned towards the end of September/beginning of October. The PCB_LM, PCB_UM, including the antenna module have already been assembled and we already have received 15 assembled boards at the office. They will be needed for our internal 'pre-NPI' (during which we plan to assemble 15 phones). Our 'pre-NPI' is scheduled for next week.  We are expecting the assembled PCB_MB (15 pieces) to be shipped to us in the coming days.

Additional components

In preparation for the upcoming NPI (new product introduction) we also received new batches of E Ink displays and backlit displays. In preparation for final production, last month, we received a delivery of keyboards. Unfortunately, 17 (out of 220) keyboards had to be sent back to the manufacturer due to their unsatisfactory appearance.

Light intensity and color temperature testing of the E ink display

Extended-Use Audio Tests

We have performed extended usage tests of the main speaker and the earspeaker. The test consists of evaluating the performance of the speakers after 96 hours of operation at maximum power.

The result of the test is positive, with no difference in performance when comparing the results before and after the test. You can preview the music player in the Mudita Pure in the video towards the end of the update. 

Mudita Pure undergoing extended-use audio testing

Mudita Pure undergoing extended-use audio testing


We are proud to announce that we have obtained the FCC & CE certification. The final reports have been delivered. We are now preparing for the Australian RCM and California Proposition 65 certification. Mudita Pure already bears the UKCA markings for our backers in the UK. 

Long-term Battery Check 

We measured the charge of the battery after storing it in a warehouse for approximately one year. On the units examined, the charge was measured at 50%, which is quite enough and means that when the phone is delivered to the user the battery will not be discharged upon initially switched on. 

We are very pleased with the result because it means that even when left unused, the batteries in Mudita Pure hold their charge and will not completely drain, even after one year. Therefore your Mudita Pure will be ready for you whenever you need it. 


As we approach the launch in November, currently our embedded development team is focused on polishing the essential functionalities of the phone, as well as eliminating  all the bugs which they can find. This also includes polishing the user interface and user experience as a whole. Throughout the last few months there’s been very intense cooperation between our design department and embedded software engineers for the sole benefit of Mudita Pure future users.

When it comes to specific functionalities and fixes - we have added the ability to import contacts from a SIM card and are working on the details of Pure’s audio performance. 

Thanks to a close cooperation between the development team and our mechanical engineers, we were able to push Pure’s audio performance to the limits by using specific software audio filters which make the best use of the phone’s audio hardware - We are happy with the outcome and hope you will be satisfied too!! You can preview the music player feature in the video below. 

At the same time our community is working on several translations of the user interface. These guys need some help from people who use GitHub and speak the following languages at a native level: Russian, Italian, Czech, and Romanian. If you haven’t done it yet, please subscribe to the MuditaOS developer preview

Mudita Center

We have implemented a search feature inside Mudita Center, so that you can quickly search through your contacts inside Mudita Pure’s dedicated desktop app. You are now able to search through all your contact details (including address, phone numbers, etc.) and add them to your favorites inside the app.

We have also added an extra layer of security. In order to access your Mudita Pure inside Mudita Center. When connecting your phone to the computer you will need to unlock the desktop app by typing your security PIN (when enabled on the phone). 

What’s next? 

The coming weeks will keep us busy, as we move closer and closer to the launch date.  As mentioned above, we are planning on conducting an NPI in the first part of October, as well as go through the Australian RCM and California Proposition 65 certification. 

See you in a few weeks! 

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