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We are happy to inform you that our debut product campaign on Kickstarter was a success, earning over $260,000 USD and meeting 262% of our goal, thanks to more than 1,000 backers!

This of course means that the project has been successfully funded and we can confirm that we will start the shipment of our phones from April 2020. We are happy to see that minimalism is becoming more important in the digital age. More and more apps and other distractions beg for our attention on a daily basis. With so many people practicing poor digital hygiene, we think it is all the more important to use digital minimalism and mindfulness. 

We also wanted to share a short summary of what has happened since we announced our campaign on the 24th of September.

Here are some highlights from the past 30 days:

  1. $100,000 goal was reached within the first hour. 

  2. 1,042 people backed our project.

  3. Preorders are worth over $262,000.

  4. Mudita Pure was featured in more than 190 different media outlets, such as Digital Trends, Forbes, Gizmodo, Good e-Reader, IGN, Tech Advisor, The Sun, The Times, and Trend Hunter.

  5. We sparked numerous conversations about smartphones and their influence on our lives: more than 500 comments on Kickstarter, emails, forum topics and discussions, not to mention the response on social media. 

  6. We have backers from 44 countries, including the US, the UK, and Poland as the top three markets.

Directly after the Kickstarter campaign ends, we will continue gathering pre-orders with a 20% discount on the Indiegogo InDemand platform. You can see it here.

Mudita Pure is available for pre-orders on Indiegogo.

“It is clearly visible that there is a growing group of people willing to change the “always online” way of life. Mudita Pure is a step in that direction with no compromises, as it removes practically all connections to the Internet in our pockets. We knew that this would not be a mainstream product, and not everyone can do this. Therefore, we are even more pleased by the warm reception of our project. We are also excited by the creativity of our customers and their willingness to use our phones in many different ways: as a secondary phone to be in touch with family and friends, as a phone for their grandparents, as a phone for the younger generation, or as a phone to be taken abroad for a digital detox holiday. We are very motivated by all the support we receive!” Michal Kicinski, the founder of Mudita, summarised.

1. The Charcoal Black version was introduced. 

The Pebble Gray version was universally liked, we received a lot of good feedback about the color, and the overall design of the device. Despite the popularity of light gray, there was a demand for a darker version. Thanks to our backers who helped us reach a stretch goal, we decided to add the Charcoal Black version of Mudita Pure.

2. Our Kickstarter price of around 250 USD and Retail Price of 369 USD generated discussions.

From the beginning, our aim was not to compete with mass produced products. We wanted to create outstanding, premium products made using the best components. On top of that, we wanted to have it produced in EU (because of the extensive social and environmental policies here). Of course, we also want to produce Pure in thousands of units, not hundreds of thousands or millions as mainstream producers. All of this influenced the final price. To explain this in further detail, we decided to publish an explanation, which you can find here.

3. We revealed a sneak preview of our desktop app which can be found here:

Using the desktop app is optional for Mudita Pure but we built it in a way that would be useful and enable some more advanced features to be used. We plan to develop and evolve this tool according to the voices of our users.

4. Many other questions and issues arose during the campaign. 

We are happy to see that minimalism is becoming more important in the Digital Age. More and more apps and other distractions beg for our attention on a daily basis. We decided that Mudita Pure would remain as simple as possible. Of course, we are still listening to your suggestions and comments about any solutions you would like to see.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!

Thank you for sharing. 

Thank you for backing.

Thank you for trusting us. 

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