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The Power of Mindful Breathing: Insights from a Breathwork Expert

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Undoubtedly we live in a non-stop, always-on-the-go world and keeping our minds and bodies in check is no small feat. However, amidst all the chaos, there's a simple, yet powerful tool many overlook: mindful breathing. Not just the automatic act we do without thinking, but conscious, deliberate breathing. This is the foundation of Zencast, a Polish app that’s all about meditation, mindful breathing exercises, and personal development. Leading this charge is Wojciech Jurojć, the app's co-founder and a bona fide breathwork expert.

Wojciech didn’t start as a breathwork expert. His journey began during a 14-year stint in business and IT. But a game-changing five years in Southeast Asia opened his eyes. He noticed a lot of Eastern philosophies tying well-being to how we breathe. Intrigued, he started practicing mindful breathing and, boom, his life changed. Depression lifted, he got stronger, more vital, and could handle the fast-paced business world like a pro. This profound change led him to dig deeper, eventually creating Zencast to help others tap into this powerful practice.

In our chat, Wojciech discusses why paying attention to our breath is crucial, how it boosts both mental and physical health, and offers tips for beginners. He also breaks down various techniques for different goals like relaxation and concentration, and even shares some compelling success stories where breathwork made a massive difference in people’s lives.

Q: How did you become a breathing teacher? What is the story behind it?

A: It took me a while, but during my 14-year career in business and IT, I had a chance to spend 5 years in Southeast Asia. There, I started to observe that a lot of philosophical systems link well-being with one factor: our breath. I started to practice mindful breathing, and it changed my life. I cured my depression, became stronger, and increased my vitality and ability to adapt to the fast-paced business world.

Q: Why is it important to pay attention to how we breathe and practice mindful breathing?

A: First of all, you can increase your vitality by about 50-100%. Mindful breathing is connected with our body posture, physical and mental condition, and most importantly, it provides us with more than 70% of our daily energy! The better you breathe, the more energy you have, the clearer your head, and the faster you process data. We use only 33% of our lung capacity. Imagine what happens when you use 100%. If you breathe well, you can control your immune system. How simple is that!?

Q: How can beginners start incorporating mindful breathing into their daily routines?

A: You don’t need to practice for months to start. You can begin today with one simple exercise. This will already extend the volume of your lungs, give you power, and unlock untapped potential. Choose an exercise that resonates with you and just start doing it, step by step, day by day. You will see results within days.

Q: How does breathing affect our mental health?

A: It gives us the much-needed oxygen which, in larger doses, clears your mind, stops compulsive thoughts, and helps process data faster. It provides objectivity and calmness, making it a perfect tool for every leader.

Q: Are there different breathing techniques for various goals (relaxation, sports, concentration)?

A: Yes, there are different techniques. You can use breathwork to relax, gain energy, or achieve 100% focus. The most important thing is that they are simple and take only 3-5 minutes to perform.

Q: What are the best breathing techniques to use before sleep to improve its quality?

A: The 4-7-8 technique is highly recommended before sleep. It will slow your heart rate, calm your body, and silence all thoughts.

Q: What is your favorite breathing exercise? How does it help you?

A: It's called 20 Combined Breaths and it boosts your energy and stamina to the ceiling! I use this exercise before football; it increases my power and speed. It’s also a perfect exercise before a speech or important meeting.

Q: Can you share a memorable success story where breathwork made a significant impact on someone's life?

A: Definitely. Numerous founders have come to me with challenges like compulsive thoughts, burnout, lack of energy, or without a higher purpose in life. One founder, who was earning six figures and had everything—money, a beautiful family, a house, a car—was internally unhappy and couldn’t rest at home. He was mentally always at work. Thanks to breathwork, we changed that and implemented a healthy habit. He became fully happy and found his purpose in life.

Last Thursday, I held a workshop with 30 managers from a big pharma company. After the workshop, they came to me and said that breathwork changed their perspective and gave them extra power to tackle challenges at work

A Mindful Breathing Workshop with Wojciech

Let’s all take a deep breath

Breathwork, as Wojciech passionately explains, is a game-changer for enhancing our well-being. It’s about more than just breathing; it’s about unlocking energy, clarity, and focus. Whether you’re a newbie or looking to step up your game, there are simple techniques that fit right into your daily life, offering real, tangible benefits.

Through Zencast, Wojciech’s mission is to empower people to harness the power of mindful breathing. His personal transformation and the success stories of others underscore how effective breathwork can be in overcoming life’s hurdles and finding balance. The potential for positive impact is huge as more people start to embrace these practices.

By making mindful breathing a part of our routines, we can tap into new levels of energy, mental clarity, and a sense of purpose. Wojciech's guidance and experiences show that the journey to better health and a more fulfilling life can start with a single breath. 

So, why wait? The time to begin is now.

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