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Why Togetherness Matters

For many of us, 2020 has been a year of challenges and change. Most importantly, because we’ve been apart for so much of it.  Times like these called for tough choices. And many of us chose to give up time with family and friends for the common good. With remote work and social distancing, we’ve had very little chance to be physically close to other human beings.  We all know that being around other people makes us healthier[1]. Human beings are social creatures, our brain expects[2] to have other humans around us to survive. Human nature is rooted in togetherness. 

Togetherness is STRENGTH 

It should come as no surprise that, at Mudita, our team members form a really tight-knit group. We’ve been through so much together, that we really consider each other a big extended Mudita family. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company and find working and collaborating together truly rewarding.  In March, when the national lockdown forced everyone to make work-from-home arrangements, we hurriedly adapted to new ways of getting work done. However, being separated from our workmates was the most difficult part.

Although we made extra effort to stay connected via online video-conferencing services and frequent messages, calls and emails, it was just not the same. Research has shown[3] our brains actually function better when we’re experiencing togetherness and are interacting with others.  

As the year rolled on, we realized we wanted to create a way for all our team members to feel connected, even though we were working remotely. We wanted to conceive of a way to give our colleagues a “virtual hug,” even though we were apart. This is how The Togetherness Collection was born.  

Togetherness is UNIVERSAL

We visualized a collection of high quality and sustainably produced t-shirts and sweatshirts, which not only embody the values we stand for, but also help our team members feel more connected to one another. Comfortable and cosy, universal pieces which can be worn not only when at home but also outdoors, during yoga practice and other physical activities. 

As we began working on the project, many of our friends, vendors and subcontractors also expressed an interest in being part of this. They loved the design and soft, organic cotton which felt great to the touch. Before we knew it, everyone wanted either a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. Or both. 

We created the design from scratch, in order to achieve the shape and style which would express our aesthetics best: simple, yet unique, in carefully selected shades of muted black and off-white, with discreet and well-crafted embroidery on the chest and neck.  Keeping in mind our philosophy and commitment to sustainability,  we knew we would only use eco-friendly resources. Since Mudita is passionate not only about living in harmony with nature and its creatures, but also living in harmony with our society, we were very mindful about the vendors and suppliers with whom we chose to collaborate with. By contributing to fair trade practices at every step of the process, we crafted a unique product, which is both environmentally-friendly and people-friendly. The entire Mudita Togetherness Collection is certified organic by GOTS, which means that it meets the highest ecological and social standards because the GOTS certification covers the entire supply chain from field to ready-to-wear fashion. 

What started out as a way for all of our team members to feel more united, while working remotely, turned into a bigger project within our Mudita community.  We realized that this project was bigger than ourselves. In these challenging times of being isolated, many people expressed their desire to strive for meaning and purpose, to feel a sense of belonging, to be engaged in service to something beyond themselves. We realized then, that we would like to share this feeling of togetherness with others, and create the sustainable clothing collection available to everyone. We believe ethical, sustainably produced clothing can really make a difference. By sharing and promoting fair-trade products improve the lives of people involved in the creation and production of our products and help the environment, while providing a great product to our customers. 

The Togetherness collection is a tribute to simplicity and sustainability. It celebrates the power of clean lines, minimalism and transparency. Speaks through tranquility, uncomplicated words, honesty. 

Designing and producing The Togetherness Collection made us feel that no matter what, we’re all in this together. And even if we are physically isolated from each other, we can find creative ways to come together to cultivate a sense of belonging and avoid feelings of loneliness. We realized, we are only as strong as our commitment to togetherness.

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