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Mudita Launcher Privacy Policy

Privacy protection is at the very center of Mudita philosophy. 

It is an approach that stands behind all of our products and endeavors as a company. It also applies to the Mudita Launcher application which collects no personal data whatsoever.

The application is also free of any tools that might use any of your personal data without your knowledge. Our commitment to you is that we shall never collect your personal information for the purpose of selling it, nor shall it ever become a part of our business model. We mean it.

Our feature phone, Mudita Pure, has no camera and no internet browser. It enables internet connection only when updating its firmware (FOTA) or when it’s necessary for the audio call to be carried over the LTE network (what has become a standard with most mobile operators - VoLTE). This makes it nearly impossible for any third party to access your data. The phone has its own privacy-oriented Operating System (MuditaOS), the first of its kind. Its digitally signed updates are there to make sure nobody can alter them. Our desktop application, Mudita Center, designed to synchronize data from all Mudita products with your laptop or desktop, does not store nor share any contact details or any other data with Mudita nor any third parties. 

Your privacy is an absolute priority to us and always will be.

We’ll always ask for your explicit consent when it comes to any data collection and only ask for such information in situations when they’re essential for our Products or Services to function.

If you are still looking for more information, you can contact us by sending a message to the e-mail address or by post to the address Mudita sp. z o.o., Jana Czeczota Street No.6, 02-607 Warszawa with a note "Personal data".