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Mudita Harmony 2.6.1 - Release date - 02.04.2024

Below is the list of changes implemented in our latest release of the Mudita Harmony's system.

  • Added

    • Implemented a new feature that allows the Harmony to be powered on with a minimum battery level of 5%.

  • Improved

    • Updated FSL drivers from NXP for improved system performance.

    • Accelerated the speed of the update process, ensuring quicker and more efficient software upgrades.

  • Fixed

    • Resolved errors associated with BIWIN eMMC memory, enhancing storage reliability.

    • Addressed an issue where the user interface would freeze after making rapid adjustments to the volume, ensuring smoother operation and user interaction.

Mudita Harmony 2.6.0 - Release date - 07.03.2024

This system release introduced the choice of a new clock face for our users, which displays a selection of quotes. We also streamlined the update process and added a progress bar which will be displayed during updates. Finally, we fixed two bugs that were present in our system before.

  • Added

    • New clock face featuring quotes

    • Progress bar which monitors the update process

    • Updated fonts

  • Fixed

    • Fast volume changes will no longer stop playback in Relaxation mode.

    • Resolved an issue where the display would not show the "Connected" label if the clock was plugged in on a screen other than the Home screen.

Mudita Harmony 2.5.0 - Release date - 09.02.2024

We're excited to announce the latest update for Mudita Harmony, version 2.5.0. This update focuses on enhancing your experience through improved battery management and fixing some known issues to ensure smoother operation.

We're continually working to improve your experience with Mudita Harmony and appreciate your feedback. Enjoy the enhancements, and look forward to more updates in the future!

Here's what's new and improved:

  • Added

    Low Battery Notifications: You'll now receive alerts on the home screen and when attempting to open an application if your device's battery falls below 15%. This ensures you're always aware when it's time to recharge.

    Battery Life Improvements: We've introduced low power CPU modes that activate when your device is not in use, significantly extending the battery life. Additionally, we've optimized the system to reduce power consumption further by adjusting how the memory operates when you're not using your device.

    Date Settings Update: The onboarding process has been updated to reflect the current year, making setting up your device even easier.

  • Fixed

    Alarm Behavior: We've corrected an issue where alarms would still go off even if they were deactivated during the snooze period.

    Relaxation App Notifications: We've resolved a bug where you might receive a notification about file deletion in the Relaxation app, even when no file was actually removed.

Mudita Harmony 2.4.0 - Release date - 12.01.2024

In version 2.4.0 of the Mudita Harmony's system, we added the option to set a gradual main alarm volume increase. In addition, we have extended the volume scale from 10 to 15 point scale. We have also updated the appearance of the progress bars. Finally, we have fixed one bug occurring in our software.

  • Added

    • Added gradual alarm volume increase.

    • Added progress bar for all volume control windows.

    • Extended volume scale from 10 to 15 points, offering improved volume control precision.

  • Changed / Improved

    • Increased clock font size in Relaxation, Meditation, Power nap apps.

    • Improved the factory reset, which now deletes user files.

    • Changed the countdown progress bar design in Relaxation, Meditation and Power Nap apps.

    • Removed the minus sign in progress countdown timers in Relaxation, Meditation and Power Nap apps.

    • Modified volume control characteristics for a better user experience.

    • Reduced power consumption for meditation and power nap applications.

Mudita Harmony 2.3.0 - Release date - 20.12.2023

We're excited to announce the newest release of Mudita Harmony v2.3.0, which brings a variety of enhancements and fixes to improve your experience.

Here's what's new:

  • Added

    Relaxation Sounds Expansion: We've enriched the Relaxation application with a range of "Colors of Noise", including White, Brown, Pink, Grey, and Ultra Noise.

    Brightness Fade-In for Alarm: Wake up gently with our new brightness fade-in feature, making your mornings smoother.

    Enhanced Date Format Options: You can now set dates in the MM/DD format, providing more flexibility in how you view time.

    Sound Categories in Relaxation: Discover categorized sounds for a more tailored relaxation experience.

  • Fixed

    E Ink Crash Resolved: The issue causing the e-ink display to crash during refreshes has been fixed.

    Background Playback Bug: We've resolved the problem where songs occasionally played in the background after finishing.

  • Changed / Improved

    Optimized Music File Loading: The Relaxation application now loads music files more efficiently.

    Updated Time Setting Flow: We've made the time setting process more intuitive.

    Improved Factory Reset Translations (Polish): The Polish translations for factory reset instructions have been clarified to avoid confusion.

Mudita Harmony 2.2.3 - Release date - 30.11.2023

We're pleased to announce the release of a new software update for your Mudita Harmony, which includes some useful updates and bug fixes to enhance your experience.

Here's what's new in this version:

  • Added

    Shortcut Instructions in Settings: We've now added the ability to view shortcut instructions directly in the settings menu. Previously, these were only accessible during the onboarding process, but now you can easily reference them anytime.

  • Fixed

    E-Ink Display Errors: We've fixed issues related to e-ink display errors that were showing up in the logs.

    Alarm Functionality During Onboarding: Resolved a problem where the alarm would not function correctly if the onboarding process was still in progress.

    Relaxation Feature Improvement: Fixed a delay issue in starting the relaxation feature when playing MP3 files with large metadata.

Mudita Harmony 2.2.2 - Release date - 14.11.2023

In this version, we have added a notification when the Harmony is connected to a charger. We have also disabled MTP functionality, so uploading files to a Harmony will now be possible only with the File manager in Mudita Center. In addition to that, we have fixed 2 bugs occurring in the Harmony's OS.

  • Added

    Added a notification that appears when a charger is connected.

  • Changed / Improved

    Disabled the USB MTP protocol.

  • Fixed

    Fixed an incorrect calculation of the requested CPU frequency. Fixed CPU frequency settings when dumping logs to a file. Fixed text alignment in the boot error screen.

Mudita Harmony 2.2.1 - Release date - 31.10.2023

In this release, our primary focus was on fixing bugs to ensure Harmony operates smoothly. We've addressed and resolved 8 specific issues.

  • Fixed

    Resolved an issue with the meditation countdown timer not functioning correctly with a deep press.

    Corrected uneven screen refresh rates when powering on the device.

    Ensured the snooze icon disappears when an alarm is turned off.

    Addressed incorrect messages displayed after setting a new alarm in certain cases.

    Eliminated a potential system crash during the update package size verification.

    Fixed errors arising from uploading music files with graphics in their metadata through Mudita Center.

  • Added

    Files not fully transferred via Mudita Center will now be automatically deleted when the USB cable is disconnected.

  • Improved

    Enhanced the display duration for the "turn off" prompt.

    In the event of hardware issues during device startup, the device will now shut down and display a more user-friendly message.

    Updated the appearance of the screen for discharged devices.

Mudita Harmony 2.2.0 - Release date - 28.09.2023

Here is the list of changes implemented in this update:

  • Changed / Improved / Fixed

    General: Improved the overall stability of the Harmony's system. Improved hard fault handling during crashes. Performing a manual reset will now be noted in data logs.

Mudita Harmony 2.1.0 - Release date - 30.08.2023

In this update, we've enhanced the "About" section under Settings to provide more detailed information about your device. We've also resolved 19 bugs to improve your overall experience.

  • Changed / Improved / Fixed

    Settings - About: Now displays Serial Number and Device Version for easier identification and support.

    Pre-Wake Up: Fixed an issue where the backlight remained on after deactivating the alarm.

    Alarm: Removed a redundant confirmation screen that appeared when exiting the alarm settings. Fixed an issue where alarm sounds wouldn't turn off after a deep press to deactivate.

    Home Screen: Resolved an issue where the shutdown confirmation window didn't appear during system shutdown. Fixed an issue that triggered the backlight upon automatically returning to the Home Screen.

    General: Completed missing translations, including diacritical marks, for all languages.

    Relaxation: Fine-tuned the relaxation timer to behave correctly when the currently playing sound is removed from the Harmony. Improved the display for long music file names to ensure better readability.

    UX/UI: Refreshed the onboarding screens for a smoother user experience.

Mudita Harmony 2.0.0 - Release date - 29.06.2023

In this update, we're excited to announce some new additions and improvements to Mudita Harmony alarm clock. You can now add and play customized sounds (mp3, wav, and FLAC) to Relaxation. This feature is accessible using the Mudita Center version 2.0.0 or higher. In an effort to boost the stability of your computer connection, we've deactivated the charging feature when your device is tethered to a computer. This change will enhance the reliability of the connection. Moreover, we've made several adjustments to the icon layout for improved user experience. Also, we've fixed 12 bugs to ensure smooth operation.

We appreciate your continuous feedback and support. Thanks for being part of the Mudita community.

Here's a detailed rundown of our enhancements and fixes:

  • Changed / Improved / Fixed

    Home Screen: Added information about Harmony's connection status to the computer on the Home Screen.

    UX/UI Improvements: Updated the layout of battery status icons for improved visibility. Incorporated missing translations in French. Optimized Harmony's battery life for longer usage.

    Bug Fixes: Resolved an issue that prevented the alarm editing mode from turning off, causing the Harmony home screen not to return to its initial state after a certain time. Corrected a problem where the time format wasn't displayed in the 12-hour format on the screen.

    Update: Fixed errors that occurred when updating to Harmony 1.9.0.

Mudita Harmony 1.9.0 - Release date - 19.04.2023

In our latest update, we've made some improvements to the technical aspects of Mudita Harmony. We also made it easier and safer for you to update and reset your device without errors. Additionally, we addressed 5 issues which were causing problems.

Overall, this update should make your experience with Mudita Harmony smoother and more enjoyable.

It’s important to make sure your Mudita Center is updated to the latest version of 1.7.0

Here are some of the specific changes we made:

  • Changed / Improved

    General: We switched the filesystem to a one called ext4. We improved the process for updating your device. We changed the updater tool to make it more efficient.

  • Fixed

    Relaxation: We fixed a problem with the relaxation feature not working properly when paused.

    Pre - wake up: We fixed issues with the frontlight intensity not matching the digital indicator.

    UX/UI: We added missing French translations to improve the user experience

    General: We made some minor firmware fixes and optimizations.

Mudita Harmony 1.8.1 - Release date - 07.03.2023

In this release, we focused on bugfixes. We have resolved problems with alarm clocks freezing and discharging the battery fast.

  • Fixed

    General: Improved Mudita Harmony's functionality in low-battery situations. Enhanced the power management capabilities of Mudita Harmony to optimize battery life. Streamlined Mudita Harmony's operation to ensure reliable performance.

  • Added

    UI/UX: Added notification that the device needs to be charged before first use.

Mudita Harmony 1.8.0 - Release date - 15.12.2022

In this release, we have added shortcuts instruction to the onboarding process. We added the ability to use Harmony as a bedside lamp and possibility to manage front light during the alarm. In the Relaxation application we added the ability to play sounds in loop mode, we also improved the UI of the application. Moreover, we fixed 5 bugs in our application.

  • Added

    Home Screen: Home Screen font size increased. Clock Face with a date.

    Onboarding: Shortcuts instructions for the onboarding process.

    General: Bedside lamp.

    Relaxation: Loop relaxation playback options.

    Alarm: Option to manage front light intensity during the alarm.

  • Improved

    UX/UI: The UI of the Relaxation and Meditation applications has been updated. Improved refreshing of the display.

  • Changed

    Home Screen: Placement of battery and time format indicators.

  • Fixed

    Home Screen: Centering of battery indicator.

    Settings: Incorrect time format of the alarm in clock face settings.

Mudita Harmony 1.7.0 - Release date - 30.11.2022

In this release, we will add features to the Meditation app. We will add the ability to view meditation statistics over a selected period of time, new layouts for the app, and an additional start delay interval - up to the 90s. We will also add the ability to set the date and icon to inform about battery status. Moreover, we will fix 17 bugs in our application.

  • Added

    Home Screen: Battery status icon.

    Meditation: Option to see Meditation statistics from the last 7, 30, and 365 days. Preview a countdown before the Meditation starts. New meditation progress layout. Additional start delay interval - up to 90s.

    Power nap: New circular progress bar. Ringing bell image at the end of the Power Nap.

    Settings: Option to set date.

  • Fixed

    Mudita Center: Fixed problem with errors while connecting the device to Mudita Center.

    Snooze: Fixed the problem with the alarm light flashing during snooze time.

    Bedtime reminder: Fixed an issue with not pausing music notifications at bedtime.

    Alarm: Fixed problem with wrong alarm status message when setting alarm from the menu. Fixed the spelling of the titles of two soundtracks in the alarms application. Fixed the issue with the welcome message not being displayed when the alarm is turned off.

    Meditation: Fixed view of diacritic signs. Fixed resetting meditation settings with deep press. Fixed an issue with saving meditation settings before going through the entire setup process.

    Relaxation: Fixed the navigation of the back button during relaxation.

    General: Fixed inconsistencies in welcome messages.

    UX/UI: Updated screens according to design.

    Translations: Fixed gaps in translations.

Mudita Harmony 1.6.0 - Release date - 14.06.2022

In this release, we added the possibility to choose the type of Clock Faces from 7 options. Furthermore, we fixed 32 bugs in our system.

  • Added

    Home Screen: Possibility to choose Clock Face from 8 options (3 for 24h format, 5 for 12h format).

    Meditation: Possibility to set a Meditation Timer start delay.

    UI/UX: UI update (Home Screen settings).

    Translations: Completed missing translations.

  • Fixed

    Settings: Fixed problem with confirmation of language change action. Fixed problem with mixed translations appearing after language change.

    Meditation: Missing texts completed.

    General: Fixed issue with the device restarting when trying to turn it off. Fixed incorrect unwanted shutdown of device in transport mode. Fixed problem with duplicated action after pressing back and lightclick button. Fixed problem with blank screen when approving certain settings.

    Home Screen: Fixed problem with Home Screen flashing during startup.

    Relaxation: Fixed problem with relaxation sounds turning off after alarm or bed time deactivation.

Mudita Harmony 1.5.1 - Release date - 07.04.2022

In this release, we have fixed problems with clock desynchronization.

  • Fixed

    Bootloader: Fixed issue with the device appearing in service mode when connected via USB.

    General: Fixed problems with clock desynchronization.

Mudita Harmony 1.5.0 - Release date - 25.02.2022

In this release we have added additional navigation functions in the settings section. We have also updated the settings for alarm sounds. Moreover we fixed 14 bugs in our application.

  • Added

    Settings: Ability to scroll between Harmony settings. The order of alarm sounds has been defined.

  • Changed/ Improved

    Alarm: The default alarm volume has been changed. Updated alarm sounds. General: The welcome screen has been updated.

  • Fixed

    Pre wake-up: Fixed problem with Pre wake-up light.

    General: Fixed problems with turning on the device despite high battery level.

    Battery: Fixed problems with incorrect display of battery charge status. Fixed issue with turning on the device when the battery is critical, even if a charger is plugged.

    Meditation: Fixed problem with the occurrence of duplicate texts.

    Settings: Fixed problem with alarm sounds appearing after changing device language. Fixed problem with opening the Menu section when confirming the alarm setting. Fixed problem with resetting remaining settings after changing language settings.

    Translations: Fixed gaps in translations.

    Alarm: Fixed a problem with setting the new alarm sound.

Mudita Harmony 1.4.0 - Data premiery - 01.02.2022

W tej wersji dodaliśmy tryb transportu. Zaktualizowaliśmy również nasze logo, czcionki i tłumaczenia. Ponadto naprawiliśmy 41 błędów w naszej aplikacji.

  • Added

    General: Transportation mode.

    PowerNap: Add front light functionality to PowerNap app.

  • Changed/Improved

    UI/UX: Changed exit screen with instruction to turn on. Update Mudita logo icon. Updated fonts. Updated the screen at the end of the Onboarding process.

    Meditation: Updated texts. The time of appearance of messages has been extended.

    Alarm: Updated the sound of the default alarm.

    Translations: Added missing translations. Corrected mistakes in translations.

  • Fixed

    Alarm: Fixed errors in the translation of the incoming alarm message. Fixed the operation of the alarm when using other alarm clock functions.

    Relaxation: Fixed problem with the truncated screen. Fixed problem with unwanted change in volume of relaxation sounds.

    Onboarding: Fixed an issue with the Onboarding process.

    General: Fixed problem with booting when USB is connected. Fixed the layout of on-screen messages.

    PowerNap: Fixed problem with displaying wrong screen after power nap.

    UX/UI: Updated screens according to design.

    Meditation: Fixed function of automatically returning to the home screen after meditation is completed.

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