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Mudita Bell

Peaceful. Friendly. Beautiful.

You don't have to start every morning with an information overload. Mudita Bell is a beautiful, simple object, that removes unnecessary stress from your bedroom and gives you the calm that you need to sleep peacefully. Additional features like an air quality sensor and a meditation timer help you create a perfect environment for rest, relaxation and regeneration.

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Selected features

<strong>E Ink display</strong>

E Ink display

<strong>Acoustic sounds</strong>

Acoustic sounds

<strong>Air quality sensor</strong>

Air quality sensor

<strong>Meditation timer</strong>

Meditation timer

Why an alarm clock?

Quality of sleep is one of the most important factors that influences our health. It is scientifically proven that the ability to concentrate, to memorize, our physical and mental health, the condition of our skin and our risk of obesity are all affected by how we sleep.

Promoting healthy bedtime habits

We have become inseparable from our smartphones, even in the bedroom. Many of us might feel these negative effects but do not associate them with the evening routine of scrolling through a news feed before going to sleep. The temptation to spend five more minutes browsing the internet or watching another video is often stronger than our fatigue.

By staring at screens, we increase our exposure to blue light. While it boosts our attention and energy during the day, it can be harmful at night. Blue light affects levels of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin, and can shift the body’s natural clock, which might have serious consequences.

Sleep has been known to affect our health in a variety of ways.

By replacing smartphones with the Mudita Bell you can significantly improve your sleeping routine.

Better regeneration in a proper environment

E Ink and custom uniform frontlight

We tested a number of different displays but E Ink had no real competitors for our purpose. It does not emit any light, yet it is perfectly readable. It doesn't cause eye strain or fatigue and has a natural, paper-like feel. It is also super energy efficient, as it consumes energy only to change the content on the screen. To make it readable at night we designed a customized frontlight, with a soft, warm glow and significantly reduced blue light.

It can be beneficial to replace your phone with an alarm clock.

Acoustic tones for the start of your day

We think that a brand new day should start with a nice, gentle wake up sound. Therefore, we decided to take special care of this aspect. With Mudita Bell, you can enjoy natural, appealing alarm tones that will bring a smile to your face every morning!

Start your day with pleasant, acoustic tones.

Monitor your sleeping conditions with the help of environmental sensors

We studied different aspects of sleep to understand how we can improve it. Eliminating smartphones from the bedroom for peace of mind is one of the key points. The other is not to expose yourself to any sources of blue light at least an hour before bedtime. Other important factors, like temperature in the bedroom or air humidity and quality really impact our sleep.

Temperature, air quality and humidity play an important role in how well we sleep.

With Mudita Bell you can

Check the <strong>humidity</strong> in your bedroom

Check the humidity in your bedroom

Inspect for <strong>PM2.5 and PM10 particles</strong>

Inspect for PM2.5 and PM10 particles

Measure your bedroom <strong>temperature</strong>

Measure your bedroom temperature

Deeper relaxation with a meditation timer

Enhance meditation sessions with a timer and a dedicated button

A simple, yet useful feature for meditation and yoga enthusiasts. It is also a brilliant guide for those who are just starting out. Users can set three frequently used meditation lengths (the default settings are 15/30/60 minutes), and easily access them with a dedicated button. Meditation will start and end with a deep, soft gong sound. The Mudita Bell will track all of your sessions and display simple statistics, or you can view them on your MuditaOS desktop app.

Together with the Mudita Bell, we provide very simple meditation instructions suitable for both beginners and advanced meditators.

We included a meditation timer to encourage you to try this deep relaxation practice.

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