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Minimalistic, yet powerful

Developing our mobile operating system has been a big challenge in the process of creating Mudita Pure. We came up with a beautifully designed E Ink mobile OS and open-sourced it to fully meet our users’ desire for quality and transparency.

MuditaOS is Open Source

MuditaOS on GitHub

Key features

  • Beautiful design and usability

  • Created specifically for Mudita Pure

  • Desktop app

  • Open Source

  • Secure and private

  • Optimized for E Ink display

Defining the essential functionalities

Grouping features

All of the teams were involved in this process. We prepared a list of general functionalities that Mudita Pure should have, and then divided them into particular applications and tools.

We divided them into 11 sections that became the fundamentals for building the main functionalities of Mudita Pure:

  • Home Screen

  • Calls

  • Phonebook

  • Messaging

  • Settings

  • Music Player

  • Alarm Clock

  • Calendar

  • Meditation Timer

  • Tools

  • Onboarding

User flows

For each application, we prepared a separate diagram, which not only showed the functionalities, but also the connections between them and the possible paths that a user could take.

Finding the perfect interface

The design team at Mudita needed to prepare a visual representation of all the possible actions and a screen for every step that a user would take. This was a long and complicated process that took into account great usability, technical requirements and our love for beautiful design. Usability testing was also a big part of the design process as we wanted to get feedback as soon as possible.

  • Minimal

  • Modern

  • Readable

  • Intuitive

Designing for E Ink screen

We tested the E Ink screen and defined the detailed guidelines for further design decisions that would be optimized for this technology. We also wanted the user interface to be intuitive, readable and understandable regardless of the action performed. Our designers were looking for the elements such as the thickness of the lines, sizes of the fonts, or spacing. While testing different styles, using several shades of gray, adding and removing elements, we’ve come to the conclusion that a clear, simple design, using mostly black ink, was the best answer.


We set our expectations high and we now have over 300 screens that meet all of our requirements.

What you can do using Mudita Center

Update MuditaOS

Send messages

Import Contacts

Backup & restore Pure's data

Designed with Pure in mind

Optimized for the device

MuditaOS has been designed to be the best performing, E Ink optimized operating system that fits Mudita Pure perfectly. Building an operating system optimized for a specific device gave us full control over the hardware and enabled getting the best out of its technical specs.

Addressing technical requirements

Every little detail needs to be addressed. We worked on several elements in-house such as: HAL - the Hardware Abstraction Layer between the hardware and the OS, the bootloader, the role of which is to configure the hardware to a level that allows the operating system to boot, a database for storing contact information and messages and a system manager that restores the system after switching on the phone, monitors the system status or performs the initial start-up etc.

Overcoming challenges

The implementation of many services was challenging, especially for the GSM module, which is one of the most complex modules in Mudita Pure. The goal was to create an operating system that is as close to the device as possible, easy to maintain and is not a performance overkill.

  • E Ink display

    The E Ink display is a crucial component that we needed to take into account when developing MuditaOS. We had to make sure that all of the operations are optimized for E Ink and are running smoothly.

  • Audio system

    When working on the audio system, it was important not only to choose the right components, but also to implement an audio service. This way the Harman speaker will play your favorite tunes in MP3, WAV and FLAC formats!

MuditaOS is Open Source

Open Source means transparency, quality and cooperation. These values are with us from day one, so we’re proud to give you a fully open operating system and encourage you to become a part of MuditaOS Open Source community!

We believe that open-sourcing MuditaOS goes along the line of our "You're happy - I'm Happy" philosophy. By opening our minimalistic, yet powerful operating system, we're giving our community the ability to take a look inside, tinker with it, and get creative with building new functionalities or customizing MuditaOS according to their needs.

Open Source is also about quality. More eyes and hands on the code equal more bug fixes and stronger code security. We want our devices to serve their purpose as long as possible, so having an Open Source operating system means longevity and sustainability.

MuditaOS is Open Source. Feel free to contribute and make MuditaOS better for everyone, developers and non-developers alike.

MuditaOS on GitHub

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