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  • How to change a strap

    Learn how to replace your watch strap

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  • How to use breathing function

    Learn how to use your Moment NR breathing function

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  • How to clean the straps

    Learn how to clean your watch strap

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  • Download PDF manual

    The Full manual for your Moment NR

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How to change the strap

All official straps come with a quick release pin on a telescopic bar attaching the strap to the watch. Make sure you use a strap that is compatible with Mudita Moment watches as they are designed with access to the pin.

To remove and fit the straps:

1. Place your watch face down on soft clean surface such as a microfiber cloth or mat. 2. Use a finger to pull and hold back the quick release pin. 3. This will release the side of the telescopic bar closest to the pin. 4. Gently slide the strap out from the watch starting with the side closest tothe pin. 5. To fit the new strap, use a finger to pull and hold back the quick release pin on the new strap. 6. Slide the side of the telescopic bar furthest from the pin into the watch first, making sure if fits snugly into the indentation. 7. Line up the side closest to the pin with the remaining indentation and release the pin. 8. Make sure the strap is fitted correctly before wearing the watch! 

If you are not able to slide the strap in or out, let go of the pin and try pulling it back again. Never force the strap into place.

How to breathe with 
the Mudita Moment NR

Find a peaceful time during the day and enjoy all the benefits you can obtain withdeep breathing techniques. They help alleviate stress, restore mental clarity, andcultivate a mindful presence.

Take a closer look at the dotted pattern on the watch. Each dot symbolizes a 4-second interval. Align your breath with the sweep second hand on the watch, observe its movementas it reaches each dot. Enjoy all the benefits of slow, deep breathing by practicingone of the following exercises. Try to breathe using the lower part of your chest andthrough your nose. It’s important that you inhale and exhale for the same amount oftime to maintain a consistent, gradual flow of air with each breath.

Mindfull breathing:

The easiest and most effective way to relax and reconnect with yourself.

  • Breathe in for 4 seconds.

  • Breathe out for 8 seconds.

Repeat this for a maximum of 10 minutes, or until a sense of mental calmness isrestored, or until you feel more relaxed.

Square breathing:

This exercise is most effective in reducing the sudden onset of acute stress. 
Do it before a stressful event to prepare for it or to calm down shortly after it.

  • Breathe in for 4 seconds.

  • Hold the breath for 4 seconds.

  • Breathe out for 4 seconds.

  • Keep your lungs clear for 4 seconds.

Repeat for up to 10 cycles or until you feel calmer, relaxed, and composed.

Slow breathing:

This is a slightly more advanced exercise that will become easier if you practice itregularly. It’s an ideal experience for deep relaxation sessions, in the morning 
or before bedtime.

  • Breathe in for 4 seconds.

  • Hold the breath for 4 seconds.

Practice regularly for 10 minutes or until you feel fully relaxed and ready to unwind.

Desserto® watch strap

Desserto® is a type of cruelty-free, vegan leather made from cactus plants. Production begins in Mexico on a cactus plantation. No fertilizers or water irrigation is necessary - just local soil, rain and Mexican sun - this is all cactuses need to grow. Mature leaves are cut off, without damaging the rest of the plant. Subsequently, the leaves are dried in the sun, in order to limit energy used in the entire material production process.

The quick-spring bar movement enables you to change straps with just one-click. There are no tools required to swap straps. It enables you to switch straps whenever needed, so that they match every mood and outfit.

How to take care of your Desserto® watch strap?

Our Desserto® straps are water-resistant to splashes which may happen when the watch is worn everyday. However we do not recommend wearing the watch while showering, bathing or swimming. Clean the straps with a clean wet cloth without detergents in cold water. The straps are not machine washable: When the time has come to replace your straps, recycle metal parts and dispose of the straps in a mixed-waste bin. We recommend replacing your strap every six months for hygienic reasons. 

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