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Have you ever felt as though your life was passing you by?

It’s so easy to get swept up in the feeling of needing to do more, just to keep up.

Do you feel as though you don’t enjoy the things you used to in the same way or you’re experiencing burnout? The feeling of being completely overwhelmed is a sure sign that you need to slow down! Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your morning, your first coffee of the day, your breakfast?

A lot of people opt for eating breakfast at their desks because they just don’t have time in the morning. Imagine having time for meditation or yoga before you find yourself stuck in traffic or crushed against your fellow commuters on a bus or tram? Imagine being able to skip the rush hour altogether because your company offers allows you to work from home or offers some type of hybrid work option.

Our tips: How to enjoy life?

If you’d like to stop being in a rush all the time, give up life in the fast lane. Slowing down might be a challenge, but trust us, it pays off.

1. Do less, think more. Forget about multitasking, doing a lot of things at the same time doesn’t make you more productive. Try to focus on one task, do it mindfully. Be aware of what you’re doing. Not only at work but also in your private life. When you meet your friends or family, refrain from looking at your phone or checking emails. Simply appreciate the moment and be with them.

2. Enjoy the here and now. You’ll love this feeling. Look around yourself and discover things that you’ve never noticed before. Focus on what’s going on around you. Try to calm your thoughts. Relish the importance of existing, appreciate being alive. Don’t think about the past or future, be in the present moment, in the here and now.

3. Get a pet. One of the great things about pets is that not only do they have the ability to bring unlimited amounts of joy to our lives, they are also fantastic mindfulness teachers. Additionally, they can also help us in combating stress. Pets are mindful by nature. They don’t obsess about the past, or worry about the future. They simply don’t stress about what’s NOT going on around them. They provide companionship and unconditional love. According to several studies, pets also make us more conscientious, outgoing, and help us to lead healthier lifestyles. [1][2][3]

4. Be offline as often as possible. Put away your mobile phone, temporarily log out of your social media accounts. If possible, remove the apps from your phone entirely and turn on airplane mode. You’ll never slow down if you're constantly bombarded with notifications. Plus, not distracting yourself with devices may help you to become more self-aware. Consider switching your conventional smartphone for a minimalist feature phone, such as the Mudita Pure. If that’s not possible, if you have an Android phone, install an app hiding application, like the Mudita Launcher, which allows you to store your apps in folders so they won’t clutter up your home screen and set schedules when you’re available for notifications. An app like Mudita Launcher could help implement and foster healthy tech habits. It’s  a great tool which empowers you to be more mindful about your use of technology. 

5. Get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep won’t help you achieve balance in your life. You should be well-rested in order to be more productive and focused. Try to make sleep a nightly ritual. Invest in a quality mattress, make your bedroom a special place, don’t eat or work there. It could be your ‘sacred space’. Most importantly, keep your smartphone out of your bedroom. If you use it as an alarm, consider getting a traditional bedside clock, or invest in a mindful, minimalist alarm clock, such as the Mudita Harmony.

6. Enjoy nature. Don’t hide yourself away in your home or office. Go outside! Leave your mobile phone at home when going on a walk. Take your time and observe nature. If it’s sunny, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin (be sure to wear sunscreen), if it’s cold, notice how the cold makes you feel. Smell the fresh air. Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, running or playing games with your friends.

7. Meditate. Meditation isn’t just for hippies. It has several health advantages, it reduces anxiety, stress and it’s beneficial for your brain. Meditation is a great way to slow down and become aware of your body. Consider walking meditation, which is an active form of meditation practice, which helps you be more mindful because it requires that you, as the participant, be consciously aware and moving in your environment. Take a deep breath and start it now! Let it become part of your routine.

8. Focus on your food. Eat slowly, focus on each bite of your food. Be mindful about what you eat. Feel the flavors and the textures of your meal. Forget about junk food. Try to treat your eating routine as you would meditation.

9. Find your work-life balance. Don’t let work become the meaning of your life. Don’t just live to work and try to stop pursuing money. Find out and do what really makes you happy. Slowing down will help you become more productive. You can do it!

10. Appreciate the simple pleasures. This is definitely connected with enjoying the here and now. living in the present moment. Apart from focusing on the moment, you should appreciate it too! Try to see the positive in every situation and if possible, avoid thinking negatively, as this affects us more than we realize.

11. Breathe. When you feel as though you’re stressed out or that everything around you is happening too fast, take a moment and give yourself a break. Practice breathing exercises. Feel the volume of the air coming into your lungs. Slow down.

Do you lead a hectic life? What do you do to slow down?

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