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Does Electrosmog Contribute to the Development of Diseases?

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Electrosmog[1] is an artificial electromagnetic field emitted by all the everyday devices that we use, such as washing machines, refrigerators, computers, mobile phones, hair dryers, power counters, mixers, kitchen utensils, light bulbs and cars. Basically, wherever we encounter electricity or communications, we are dealing with electrosmog.[2]

Many of us have probably never heard of dirty electricity.[3] Meanwhile, scientists are starting to believe that it can cause different illnesses and diseases.[4] According to common knowledge, the current obesity and diabetes epidemics are caused by high consumption of processed foods with a high sugar content. However, some scientists say that the real cause behind them is the energy and electromagnetic pollution generated by electrical devices at home or work.

The term ‘dirty energy’ is used by electrical engineers to identify all kinds of sudden overvoltage, voltage sparks and sparks on power supply lines that may occur when computers, plasma TVs, cordless phones and energy-saving light bulbs are turned on. Diesel generators that supply electricity to distant objects which are not connected to the power grid are another source of dirty energy.

They are also used on islands, which was one of the reasons why Samuel Milham,[5] a professor at the Mount Sinai Medical School, formulated his theory. The other is that island populations have one of the highest incidence rates of diabetes in the world and are in the top ten of average body mass index (BMI) world rankings.[6]

Scientists may argue that this correlation does not mean causation but Milham has been discovering this sort of connection for years. The accumulation of convergence and correlation convinced him that dirty energy and electromagnetic fields might be responsible for the development of not only obesity and diabetes, but also[7] a whole range of chronic health conditions, including Cancer, ADHD,[8] multiple sclerosis and asthma. Milham’s suspicions of asthma increased after reading that in a middle school in the United States the disease developed in 37 children.

As a part of the project of improving the so-called ‘sick building’, the level of polluted energy in the classroom was drastically reduced and only three students continued to suffer from asthma. Milham, who formerly worked for the State Department of Health, conducted his own research on this basis. He discovered that the world’s highest incidence rate of asthma was recorded on the island of Tristan da Cunha, which generates electricity from six diesel generators.[9]

What do we know about electrosmog?

Over the past 20 years, there has been an increase in the incidence rates of chronic illnesses, such as MS (multiple sclerosis), Alzheimer’s disease, Lyme disease and fatigue. The number of cases is growing each year at a rate that can already be considered alarming. The factors that triggered this rapid growth and the reasons why these diseases have emerged over the last few decades are not accepted by academics.

A team of researchers from the EU-funded, 4-year REFLEX project,[10] carried out by 12 research groups in 7 European countries led by Franz Adlkofer[11] from Munich, has produced microscopic images of healthy cells and those that were exposed to radioactivity. These images clearly show that a single day of exposure to mobile phone radiation can cause damage equivalent to 1,600 x-ray scans.[12]

Limited sperm motility and an increased level of semen DNA fragmentation occurring just 4 hours after exposure to WiFi radiation show that it has a negative effect on fertility. Its effect on blood cells, including agglutination, can lead to acute or chronic heart disease or even negatively affect the autonomic nervous system (responsible for such reflexes as “defence or escape”).[13]

Another argument used by the energy industry to convince us of the safety of smart meters is the claim that humanity has always been surrounded by electromagnetic radiation.[14] However, the natural level of electromagnetic waves that accompanies us constantly in the environment is more than 900 billion times weaker than the rays generated artificially and legally permitted for use by private industrial organizations.

How does this relate to electrosmog?

The influence of electromagnetic fields on the functioning of biological organisms could be one of the factors that contribute to the deterioration of our general health. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is a physician who has been specializing in the treatment of autoimmune diseases associated with autonomic dysfunction for more than 30 years.[15]

As mentioned above, such conditions include Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s disease and others. In an accessible way, he presented how electrosmog negatively affects the biochemical functioning of our bodies.

It turns out that the devices we use every day, especially wireless ones, are in no way inspected by manufacturers for long-term health effects. For several decades they have been advertised as completely safe for us.

However, more than 6,000 independent and published academic papers indicate that this is not necessarily the case. The devices we use emit electrosmog which slowly, year in and year out, causes the progressive deregulation of our bodies, which catalyzes the development of chronic diseases. The first symptoms of exposure are often non-specific.

Dr. Klinghardt[16] mentions the following symptoms of electrosmog exposure among others:[17]

● Elevated blood pressure

● Arrhythmia

● Problems with the nervous system (such as sleep and concentration problems and general ‘life satisfaction’ issues)

In addition, his study also provides chemical markers for electrolysis exposure, which can be checked with available medical diagnostics, which are:

● TGF-Beta 1 (marker of inflammation; growth observed under the influence of electrosmog)

● MMP-9 (marker of inflammation; growth observed under the influence of electrosmog)

● Copper ion level (marker of inflammation; growth observed under the influence of electrosmog)

● Degradation of the hormone balance

● De-regulation of neurotransmitter management

Finally, Dr. Klinghardt points out that there are safer electricity technologies available (such as fibre-optics) which, for unknown reasons, are not promoted by the telecom business which is completely focused on the development of potentially harmful wireless technologies. We can indeed live in a world that is electromagnetically safe.

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