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The idea of Mudita Harmony, a mindful and minimalist alarm clock with a variety of sleep quality enhancing functions, was first born as an answer to our own personal needs. We wanted to remove our phones (serving as alarm clocks) from our bedrooms, yet we couldn’t find any satisfying alternatives on the market. 

We wanted something that would captivate us, something that would resonate with Mudita and our product spirit. A kind of product where the latest research and technology would meet minimalistic zen design. 

Mudita Hamony: Front Sketches

However, the more we searched, the more we grew confident that we had to build it ourselves and so the decision was made, and the Mudita Harmony project came to life. Since then, the idea has been modified a number of times, as we were determined to make the most functional and loveable Mudita device possible. 

Mudita Harmony: Sketches

Our design teams have explored dozens of ideas in the pursuit of our product’s ultimate goal: the improvement of users' quality of life through an improvement in their sleep hygiene. 

We have gathered and synthesized significant amounts of research (which we’ll likely publish for you to read) and talked to a number of experts, scientists, doctors and others. All that served as a foundation for designing Mudita Harmony’s primary features. 

As we have just crossed another milestone, we are ready to share some sneak peeks with you:

  1. Mudita Harmony is going to be centered around the creation and maintenance of a steady sleep schedule. A number of tools will make it easier for the user to get control over their waking and sleeping schedule. The research is clear, maintaining a regular sleep schedule greatly improves your sleep quality.

  2. We are perfecting the minimalistic design and the form of the alarm clock itself. We consider design and aesthetics to be a critical part of the product’s soul and want Harmony’s design to represent it’s message, quality sleep is a vital part of a harmonious life, and Mudita Harmony exists to help everyone attain it.

  3. After many tests and trails, we have finally decided to exclude the surrounding sensors from Mudita Harmony, that includes the air quality sensor and the humidity sensor. With the principles of “quality over quantity” and “less is more” in mind, we didn’t want to compromise and “dilute” the primary functions of the device for the sake of extra addons, especially that including them would drive both the size and the price of the device upwards.We are however willing to explore the possibility of creating a separate product dedicated towards air quality in the future.

  4. Mudita Harmony is going to introduce relaxing, peaceful and friendly audio experiences, designed to both progressively wake you up, as well as aid in winding down in the evening. Expect to hear more about this soon!

Mudita Harmony: Button Sketches

With the development of Mudita Harmony being at an advanced phase, we will likely present a more specific timetable within the next couple of months. If you are interested in receiving news about the release firsthand, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, there is more awesome stuff coming!

The Mudita Team

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