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Mudita Pure March 2022 Production & Shipping Update

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More Mudita Pure Devices Delivered Every Week! 

We are excited to announce that our plan to scale up production by assisting our manufacturing partner by being on site is paying off. 

As we communicated in our last update, our team spent the week of Feb 28-March 4 at the factory, working side by side with our manufacturing partner to ensure not only a higher output of devices, but to also quality check all the devices that are coming off the production line. 

We are happy to say that the strategy, which we told you about in the previous update, has paid off. Today, we shipped out approximately 200 devices, and we are on track to ship even more. In the next couple of days, 150 more Mudita Pure devices will be shipped to our Backers. They are currently undergoing quality control testing before being shipped out to awaiting backers. Next week should be even more exciting, so stay tuned!

Here’s some more good news: we started shipping Charcoal Black Mudita Pure phones to our Indiegogo backers as well. We still have some Kickstarter orders to fill, however, we expect those to be completed fairly shortly. 

At this pace, we hope to start fulfilling the orders of our eCommerce customers in a few short weeks. 

As more and more backers are receiving their devices, some of them are taking the time to share their feedback with us on our forum. 

If you have received your device, consider joining our forum & sharing your thoughts with our community. There are several reviews posted already

We value your opinions and take all feedback very seriously. In fact, because of the feedback we received from the Mudita Community, we made the decision to start working on implementing predictive texting (T9) in MuditaOS. It’s actually very high on our priority list and should be included in a subsequent software update. 

In addition to the predictive texting, which we are still working on, several important upgrades are planned in the new MuditaOS update, which will be released later on this month. 


As we communicated earlier, one of the upgrades, which we plan to implement in the new software release (1.2.0), will include critical fixes concerning battery life. We understand that a long-lasting battery is crucial to a well-functioning device, that’s why we are working to address those issues first and foremost. 

Other upgrades include an improvement in the stability and quality of calls. 

Our tech team is also working diligently to resolve any bugs in the operating system. If you are experiencing any issue, please do not hesitate to send those logs to Mudita through Mudita Center. This way, we can recreate the issue & hopefully resolve the problem right away. 

As we mentioned previously, we plan on releasing frequent updates to the software in order to address all the reported issues and implement new features. 

We want you to be happy with your Mudita Pure that’s why we are addressing all reported issues as quickly as possible. 

Thank you so much for being part of this journey with us.

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