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We would like to give you a quick review of an innovative high-tech product which we came across during CES (Consumer Electronics Summit) in Las Vegas in January:

SPARTAN Underwear for men

How does it work?

The idea behind SPARTAN Underwear is very simple: it works like a Faraday cage, which makes it similar to other radiation-blocking products. The materials used are cotton and silver. The latter is arranged as a net which forms a shield reflecting radiation. Very similar net is used in the microwave, for example. Silver also has antibacterial properties, which is all the more beneficial as we’re dealing with underwear!

Why are SPARTAN boxers great, but not perfect?

The good thing about them is that they block high-frequency radiation (0.1 MHz — 300GHz) very well. However, the problem occurs when you put a laptop or another device on your knees when it’s plugged in. We should remember that apart from high-frequency radiation there’s also low-frequency radiation, which comes from the current flow.

Unfortunately, the silver net in SPARTAN boxers won’t prevent you from low frequencies, which are just as dangerous as the high ones. You can find irrefutable evidence for it in the book “Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization” written by Dr. Samuel Milham.

There’s yet another problem. When you put your mobile phone in the pocket with the back of the phone close to the underwear, the signal weakens (the antenna is placed on the back of the phone). As a result, the SAR radiation increases.

It’s because the underwear reflects electromagnetic waves and some of them go back into the phone, which unsettles the signal from the antenna. In extreme cases, it can lead to an increase in the far field strength somewhere in your body. In other words, the reduction of SAR in the area covered by the underwear can cause problems elsewhere.


We’d say SPARTAN Underwear is the right direction and it’s great to see that more and more companies are starting to care about the issue of electromagnetic smog.

Have you heard of any other innovative products that reduce radiation?

If yes, let us know. You can look forward to our next reviews!

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