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Social Media Mission Statement

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At Mudita, we aim to encourage a healthier relationship with technology. Since we’re present on social media, we feel as though it’s important to provide you with a mission statement. 

Transparency, along with an honest, humane and conscious approach is very important to us, in every aspect of our activities, being coherent internally and externally -- from the production of Mudita Pure to our communication.

Our five social media rules:

1. We only share what is worthy.

Our aim is to educate, inspire, and share practical tips with one another. Articles we find important, posts we think are inspiring and expert statements we find critical, are what you will see on our social media. We will update you on the development of our products and share news about what happens backstage at Mudita. We carefully curate the content we share. We don’t post anything just for the sake of it.

2. We take our time offline.

We need to go online to find people who’d like to spend more time offline. When we are at work, we are online. That’s when we create social media content. It’s also when we answer your comments and questions. After hours, we try to live an offline life as much as we can. We believe that weekends are for yourself, your family and friends.

3. We treat digital tools as tools.

The Internet in general, social media and forums are a great way for us to reach people who are interested in developing a more conscious relationship with technology. We are here to use our voice to communicate with our followers and backers. Where else could we find and advise people who admit to overusing social media?

4. We don’t want online interactions to be a substitute for real connections.

Social media allows people all over the world to connect but it will never replace your intimate circle of loved ones. They are the best!

5. We use technology, we aren’t used by technology.

We believe that the digital era brought a lot of good for people around the world and we don’t think that it is inherently bad. It should be used carefully.  

Final thoughts

We hope that this statement explains our view on our social media presence and brings transparency. A lot of things are good for humans, in moderation. We love to discuss ideas with you on our social profiles, read your comments and answer your questions. At the same time, we encourage a mindful use of online tools. Maximize the time you enjoy offline.

Should you have any other questions we are open to discussion on our forum, social media or email. If you enjoyed reading this article, we encourage you to share it if it brings you value and can benefit others. If you are interested in writing guest articles, drop us a line via!

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