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March has been a busy month at Mudita. As you know from our previous updates, we have significantly scaled up production and as a result increased the output. Due to the increase in production, we were able to send out more frequent batches. This week, approximately 100 more units have already been shipped. Our frequent visits and engagement in the production process helped our manufacturing partners to increase their production pace and quality. This week, starting on Wednesday, April 6th, our team will also be at the factory supervising the production of Mudita Pure. 

We are almost done fulfilling our crowdfunding orders. As we are catching up with production and shipping of the remaining Pebble Gray devices for our crowdfunding backers, we’ve also slowly started fulfilling Charcoal Black Mudita Pure orders from our eCommerce customers. In fact, over the last two weeks, approximately 250 pre-orders have been shipped along with all the batches we dispatched to our crowdfunding backers. 


As we mentioned in several previous updates, our team has been diligently working on making updates to Mudita Center & MuditaOS. We are excited to announce that a new and improved version of Mudita Center will be available for download on our website,, this week. In addition to a new release of Mudita Center, we will also be releasing an update for MuditaOS for Mudita Pure. In this version, we are releasing the first batch of patches to some common issues which have been reported. These patches will fix approximately 90 bugs and make using your Mudita Pure more enjoyable. 

The updated version of MuditaOS will include, among other things, a number of battery fixes, in order to improve the battery life, as well as the following:

  • DnD mode improvement

  • Default chime time interval

  • Alarm deactivation functionality 

  • Music player issues

  • Issues connected to the meditation app. 

  • Call and message handling issues-including call stability 

Furthermore, we have added some additional features:  

  • Possibility to set periodically drawn quotes as wallpaper - predefined and custom-created ones 

  • Text writing option - "Abc" mode. 

  • Functionality to support the display of long contact names

  • Extended time for displaying instructions to unlock the device

  • Extended audio files format support

We’ve also been working to improve the stability of Bluetooth and increase compatibility with more devices, including more car models. We plan on including this in a subsequent update, which will be released in the later part of Q2. Many users have expressed the need for predictive texting. We took all your suggestions and are currently working on implementing this feature. Realistically, we plan on releasing it in Q3. 

Mudita Center will also see some updates. In this new release, we improved Pure’s data refresh in the application, creating a new backup will now require a secure password. Additionally, we fixed 19 bugs in the desktop app. This version will include improvements in contacts import and device connection.  

We’ve also added a UI update and the ability to collect logs from the MuditaOS update process, as well as information about crash dumps in logs. 

We hope that these updates will improve your Mudita Pure and Mudita Center experience. 

How to update your Mudita Pure?

  1. Download Mudita Center app from this link >

  2. Connect your Mudita Pure to your computer with a dedicated USB cable and make sure that Mudita Center runs on your machine and recognizes your device.

  3. Go to the “Overview” section inside Mudita Center.

  4. In the sub-section showing your MuditaOS version, you will be notified whether your phone needs updating with an “Update is available” prompt. 

  5. Please make sure that your Mudita Pure has at least 50% battery

  6. Click the “Download Now” button and follow the instructions.

  7. Please make sure that the cable stays properly connected at all times during the update. Disconnecting the cable during the update will cause the update to fail or not install properly. 

  8. After a successful update, your Pure will automatically restart. After that, you will be able to see your MuditaOS version in the “Overview” section.

Mudita Community

We’ve mentioned our Mudita Forum in our updates many times. It has become the go-to place for all things related to MUDITA PURE

If you’ve gotten your Mudita Pure, we would love for you to join the expanding Mudita Community and share your experiences with others. If you’re still waiting, the Mudita Forum is a place where you can directly connect with the Mudita Team to discuss all our products, get quick answers to your questions, as well as exchange ideas about new features, as well as read product reviews left by other members. There are also pictures, as well are review videos. 

Currently, our community is discussing what features they would like to see in the new and improved calendar functionality which we plan on implementing in the future.

Join the conversation & let us know what features you would like to see added. 

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